Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Unleash the offendatrons!

I've just listened to the PM droning on from Belfast. Same old. Blether about cooperation and peace. And that she doesn't want a backstop - but she doesn't want to replace it although she sort of does. It might mean something but it probably doesn't. Classic May. If there is a nuance I don't care enough to ascertain what it is.

This would ordinarily spark excitement in the Twitter gallery as they jot down their cleverdick critiques of "alternative arrangemnts" but even they are mightily bored of it. As am I. My brain has actually capsized.

What Mrs May has achieved today escapes me. Methinks it was a last ditch to spark some kind of bilateral resolve for when she goes to Brussels on Thursday. She hopes that Brussels will say something different to what they've been saying almost every day for an entire year. Most people do not think that they will and nor do I. Brexiters think Brussels will fold at the last minute. If they are right then I will be surprised.

Being that the EU has announced a number of no deal contingency measures, the Brexiters are now convinced that the armageddon of Brexit day will not happen as foretold. They are probably right. It will instead be a slow bleed. This to them is a victory which is why they also believe the EU will come chasing after us. The closer we get to Brexit day the worse they get. The armour around their collective delusions stiffens by the day.

So barring a major change of direction it can only really go to a re-vote in the final hour or a frank admission from the PM that we are leaving without a deal. Everything between now and then is noise. And uninteresting noise at that. Though it may be high drama for the hack-o-sphere, the only thing more tedious than our politics is our media.

Meanwhile, yesterday's piece attracted some ire from the permanently offended, or rather my tweet preceding it did. Apparently you are not allowed to criticise the Motability scheme. If a pair of benefit monkeys from Sheffield manage to wangle a top of the range Ford S-Max Zetec ensure they can meet one eye hospital appointment a month in London for their offspring, then that is value for the taxpayer.

You see, in lefty world, despite all experience to the contrary, anyone on the disabled register is above reproach and our welfare system does not in any way create perverse incentives for idle scroungers. It's offensive to say so and now my notifications are full of virtue signalling pillocks calling me an "ableist" who's been brainwashed by the Daily Mail. They clearly never bothered to read the piece I actually wrote.

Howsoever, I am reasonably well acquainted with the challenged genuinely disabled people face. I don't want to name names but the wife of a fellow blogger has severe MS. She can't walk or stand unaided and has to be lifted in an out of a wheel chair to get around. That by my definition is properly disabled.

What makes her probably the most amazing person I know is that she's been going to work most days as a business administrator for the last fifteen years. Due to a change of circumstances she no longer works for the same employer but already she has her own clients and will do the same job on a self-employed basis from home. How bloody brilliant is that? I'm able bodied and I wouldn't have the first idea how to pull that off.

So yes, when I see two able-bodied thick benefit monkeys from South Yorkshire claiming welfare and driving around in a better class of car than I will ever drive (partly because I don't care), I can't help feeling that there's a pisstake here - and one that suits the government because it props up the likes of Nissan.

All this causes me to doubt the collective wails of the Daily Mirror clan who believe that any reform of disability support, bloated by the Blair regime, is some evil tory plot to punish the disabled and the poor. I have no problem believing that the system is widely abused because of the perverse incentives it creates and there is plenty of anecdotal reason to believe it.

Still, though, for the modern left, this is a sacred cow. They seem to think the function of the Labour party a scroungers union which exists largely to ensure that people who don't want to support themselves and won't lift a finger to that end can do so without question. This is leveraged by slandering anyone who disagrees as ableist/racist/sexist/transphobic/delete as appropriate. And the hipsterjugend swallows it wholesale.

We all want a system that helps the people who need it. Nobody thinks disabled people are scroungers. Real manifestations of ableism are rare but disgusting. Everybody recognises that disabled people need support. But what I do know of those who live with a disability is the immense pride they take in whatever independence they can carve out for themselves and are equally outraged by the blaggers and fraudsters who use the system as a perpetual mealticket.

If there is one thing the Grenfell disaster showed us it is that this exact sort of fraud is endemic to culture and not something we can simply write off as a rounding error. If we are to have a system paid for by the sacrifices of others then it must also be fair. For as long as the left continues to slander critics of the system you can't be at all surprised if they keep voting Tory. The learned helplessness engendered by the New Labour regime is one of the most disgusting crimes of modern British politics. Every effort must be made to correct it. In the face of the changes coming our way, we cannot afford not to.

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