Thursday, 31 December 2015

Back to business

Happy new year to all of you and welcome back to business. First order of business is to say what a ghastly shower our Leave campaigns are. Long time campaigners like you should be both delighted and enthused at an amazing opportunity to get what we have worked for. We should have a campaign we are proud to support. But what do we have instead? Crass jingoistic trash and mostly wrong beancounting statistics and massaged economic metrics. Boring. Old hat. Pathetic.

There is no good reason to be enthused by either of the main campaigns who add zero value and embarrass us all on a daily basis. Why should we have to tolerate it? Is this really all that euroscepticism is? 

If by now it isn't abundantly clear that these Toryboys and Johnny come lately haven't the first idea what they are doing then you damn well ought to be ashamed of yourselves for not paying attention. They are everything the Remain camp could possibly want.

As to all of those readers who have given us hassle for pointing this all out, I would ask where you get such a nerve in accusing one of the longest running EU blogging operations of failing to contribute. Seriously, how dare you?

This has to be sorted and it has to be sorted soon and we have no hesitation in calling for the resignation of Matthew Elliott and Dominic Cummings. They are both inept as they are dishonest.

Meanwhile LeaveHQ comes back into play this week with some seriously heavy material. We are not screwing around now. We have to clear out the losers and take charge or these London Tory bozos will bury us. If we allow them to set the agenda then the cause will be hammered into the floor. Forever.

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