Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Are they trying to lose?

Here follows a report from the Huffington Post:
Leave.EU have taken down a spoof video which jokes about “foreign johnnies” who “end up in pieces” thanks to UK military action overseas. The video, which the anti-EU group claim was produced months ago, says people in the Middle East say “jolly good show for liberating their countries from stability and unsightly high-rise buildings.”

Produced in the style of wartime newsreel, the video refers to Ireland as ‘The Balkans’, Saudi Arabia as ‘Middle East Land’ and Iraq as ‘F*!k Knows!’. A spokesman for said: “It’s an old video from round about the General Election. As soon as we realised it was still up we took it down. “We recognised that the issue of Isis and Syria is far too complicated for such a video.”

Despite the claim the video was produced “round about the General Election”, the logo appears at the beginning and end of the film. The organisation was originally launched as The Know campaign after the General Election. It rebranded as in September after the Electoral Commission announced the options on the EU referendum ballot paper would be ‘remain’ or ‘leave’. 
I don't even want to write this post. The message is obvious. The internet never forgets. Inconsistency and crassness is noticed and it can and will come back to haunt all of us. How many times does it have to be said? It was bad enough with Ukip doing it. Now we have a branded Leave campaign at it. Just what are they playing at? 

But while Leave.EU have allegedly pulled the video, if they continue in the same vein as their recent efforts, they may as well not have bothered since virtually everything else they do undermines our efforts in exactly the same way. This isn't the first blunder of it's type from Leave.EU either, having just last month deployed a tasteless tweet on remembrance day. If they keep this up they are in real danger of pulling the who eurosceptic movement down.

An effective campaign would have seen this coming yet this lot didn't. This is incompetence. Leave.EU is unfit for purpose. It needs an urgent houseclean if they are serious about winning. I am not the only one saying this, many influential eurosceptics are saying the same thing and even Ukippers are starting to ask questions. If that isn't a sign, I don't know what is.

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