Tuesday, 29 December 2015

The noise they make

So, between Ukip, Vote Leave, Leave.EU, the IEA and elements of the Tories the message is coming through.

They want a Britain that is not part of the single market, but is inexplicably involved in making the rules of it at the global level. They want to restrict visas for workers and put more controls on borders (with all the bureaucracy and delay that entails), They want to run two different sets of regulations here at home, they want to end cooperation with the EU entirely and instead spend all the money on nurses and flood defences - and spend absolutely no money on advancing our interests overseas.

Oh, and in between now and the referendum, everything is the EU's fault. That's their campaign.

They expect to be taken seriously and win the argument.

What it looks like to the informed outsider is a bunch of contradictory histrionics from a bunch of losers who have no coherent message, have a strong dislike of anything external to the UK, and haven't understood the very basics of trade and regulation.

It wouldn't be so bad were if it were just the one organisation spraying their ideological incontinence onto the internet, but they are all united in rejecting the need for a carefully considered vision and a detailed assessment of how their vision can come into being.

Thus we can conclude that the main body of leavers do not want to focus or win the argument. They want to moan for the whole two years and lose badly. What else could we conclude?

I wish I'd known this ten years ago. I'd have found something more worthwhile to do with my time.

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