Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Why is Dominic Cummings undermining Brexit campaigners?

I could write a blisteringly pretentious and condescending rebuttal of this article by Victor Blank in the Telegraph. In it he says "As a member of the EU, our companies are able to sell, without barriers and tariffs, to a market on the UK’s doorstep of 500 million people. They need only abide by one set of regulations covering the entire, vast and complex region. Our biggest trading partner is the EU. As a non-member these same companies could be obliged to negotiate with each individual country they sell to within the EU. One set of rules would be replaced by a possible 27, not to mention payment of duties."

We'll skip over the notion countries would have to negotiate with each individual country they sell to. That's just plain silly. If you comply for one, you comply for all. That is a condition of market entry in or out of the EU. And let's also ignore the fact that the single market is far larger than the EU. The crux of the matter here is he is talking as though we were going to leave the EU and the single market and strart working to a whole new set of rules.

Were that the case there would still be gaping flaws in his many assertions but the general thrust of his article is correct. If we leave the single market as well as the EU then it's a very big risk, and there would be serious economic consequences.

We could leap upon his words and question if he is even aware there is a difference between the EU and the single market - and even ask if his complete omission of the words "single market" is a wilful deception to keep such a distinction out of popular discussion. Either is possible.

But where would be the point in writing an article like that? We have already debunked this garbage time and again - and will probably not have written the last of its type. No, we would ask why we even have to write such articles? The distinction should be so clearly established in the debate by now that no business mandarin would have the brass neck to attempt such a dismal deception.

The problem is that it isn't. And why is that? That's right, because Vote Leave Ltd have used their column inches in the Telegraph to denouncing the single market. Our own side is laying down conditions that give the opposition everything they could possibly want: A risky proposition with many technical questions for those ill-placed to answer them. Who would do that? Only a fool. Dominic Cummings to be precise.

As foolish as attacking the single market is, he has alienated the entire campaign for any supporters trying to de-risk the Brexit proposition. He has isolated the campaign from arguments that can win.

Since the man is confirmed by clever people in the media as a genius, we cannot assume this is by accident, so we can only assume this is wilful sabotage. We must now ask if his contempt for those who think differently to him is so severe that he is willing to sacrifice the entire cause out of spite. Given his career record, we can't actually rule that out can we? He really needs to go.

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