Monday, 14 December 2015

Winning still depends on you

Looking at LeaveHQ tonight and we see that the media and the entire politico-media class has been outfoxed by Cameron and the big announcement on associate membership is very much on the way.

We can add that to the growing list of things that was right about. Having anticipated it we have a good deal of preparatory work ready for when the media catches up. That is actually where this job starts getting interesting. And fun. Fun because we now have a wealth of material from legacy media hacks who never saw it coming.

Here, our bloggers can reap the rewards of throwing their dismal hackery back in their faces and publicly humiliating them for their manifest failure as journalists.

They have repeatedly failed to read the signals, with many still engaged in idle speculation about the date of the referendum, chasing after every dead chicken thrown at them. Whatever is news to them is old hat for us. In fact the reason the productivity of this blog has fallen is because there are only so many ways of illustrating the same basic concepts before losing the will to live entirely.

As bloggers we need to show that these hacks have no credible basis on which to be pontificating about the effects of Brexit having demonstrated such a shallow understanding of the games in play. Winning the referendum depends on undermining their prestige. That shouldn't be difficult. With a track record of accuracy and prescience we bloggers now hold all the cards and can rival their influence if we work together. Their newspapers may have large circulations, but the hacks themselves do not.

To that end we still need more bloggers and we need them now so that they build up a decent audience for when it matters. Extending the reach of our message means our reach is as deep as theirs - and we can show that our ideas are better than those of Mr Cameron.

Just a hundred bloggers each with their own online constituencies can shape the public debate in untold ways. Even with just a thousand daily readers you are talking to opinion formers who in turn will have their own audiences. This is how our message can spread. And though a thousand readers doesn't sound like a lot when you look at larger circulation numbers, take a long look at the picture above. That is what a thousand people looks like. Through them we can reach a million opinion formers. That's how we win. It all depends on you though.

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