Monday, 30 November 2015

Chasing parked cars

Leave.EU is making an issue of the above. It's nonsense and the fact that it appears in the Daily Express and has David Campbell Bannerman's name all over it is as good a reason as any to ignore it. It's a bunch of hot air from MEPs and it has zero legal standing. Nor is it the actual intent of the EU. If it was, they would say so.

It's the sort of thing the EU would like to do if there was the remotest chance of them getting away with it. If left unchecked that would be the eventual destination of the EU, but that isn't going to happen. Fuhgeddaboudit.

In reality the UNSC council would be the last thing the EU would go after. The modus operandi is integration by stealth, and would not give its whole hand away at such a sensitive moment in the development of the EU. It will leave all such institutions in place to give the outward impression that Britain is still a nation in its own right.

The case we must make is that where it matters, Britain's influence has been usurped. We already vote for the common EU position at the UNSC and on all other UN bodies. The ship has already sailed in that regard so there is no need to be hyperventilating over nonsense. It damages our standing when we do make the more serious arguments.

The UNSC is very much a mechanism of gesture politicking in times of global geopolitical instability but it is not the means by which more mundane business gets done. Trade and regulation is very much the province of the EU and our influence is diminished all the time. That is the grown up case that we can make with ease and have spent the last few years doing precisely that. What we don't need is for the Leave campaign to be chasing parked cars. If we are an echo chamber for the sort of trash the Daily Express publishes, then we have no authority when it matters.

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