Thursday, 1 October 2015

Definitely maybe...

Former chancellor Lord Lawson has announced he will lead a Conservative campaign to leave the EU. The Eurosceptic peer said he has taken the role as president of the Conservatives for Britain and will lead a cross-party exit movement ahead of the EU referendum, "due to take place by the end of next year".

Writing in The Times, he stated "We are setting out the principled case that Britain should definitely maybe leave the EU if the sun is shining, the wind is due east and if Cameron can't secure a bag of Mint Imperials from Mrs Merkel. To settle for less than a full unopened packet would make us look weak. We intend to mount a full and active campaign as soon as we can reach Matthew Elliot to find out why there's only £7.49 left in the campaign account. It keeps diverting to voicemail. The voicemail message assures us "the money is just resting in my account".

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