Saturday, 31 October 2015

I could ask until I'm blue in the face for input. Only when a project goes live does the criticism come in thick and fast. Thus I am using such a dynamic to my advantage.

We have seen the Vote Leave Ltd website which is a bog standard template site with some boilerplate eurosceptic tract tacked onto it. We are not impressed. We have also seen Leave.EU, which is a good deal more sophisticated but is let down by second rate content and an ill-focussed campaign.

Clearly there is a gap in the market for a campaign resource site and that is what the Referendum Planning Group seeks to provide. Over the last few days I've been building

Eagle eyed Brexiteers will see straight of the bat that I have used exactly the same Bootstrap base template as Leave.EU for no other reason than it is a good platform from which to start. Content is king.

I am the editor of the website and will control the content, but unlike either of the main campaigns I see this process as a dialogue between our group and you the reader. Not only will constructive and polite criticism be welcomed, it will be acted upon or at least debated. First off, the Home screen needs to be a bit more than flat text and I am aware there are some aesthetic adjustments that need looking at which is why I am keeping this launch low key. I very much welcome suggestions. When we are satisfied we have a product worthy of making a noise about, we will coordinate on Twitter and go large with it.

The main campaign websites give the reader very little incentive to make repeat visits and are only concerned with linking to mainstream media sources. We are not concerned with mainstream media. Their content is worthless, their facts are wrong and we do not allow them to set our agenda. The gossip of the SW1 bubble is not our concern. Our campaign is a dialogue of the people, by the people and we take leadership from no-one. The agenda is ours to set.

For the time being, I don't need you to retweet this post and send it far and wide. This is an appeal to the readers I already have for their valued input and assistance. Meanwhile if any of you techies have any suggestions as to optimising the website, I am also happy to listen. I have never claimed to be the world's best web developer. Ultimately, I see this website as your website. I am your servant to command. It can be better, but you are the missing element.

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