Thursday, 29 October 2015

Norway Option is still a go

Blowing our chances

Dominic Cummings and Vote Leave wussed out of a very winnable fight against the PM yesterday. They conceded the ground like the snivelling cowards they are, afraid to confront the PM on his most blatant lies. This is mostly because Dominic Cummings isn't intellectually equipped to understand such a things as a strategy and instead left the goal wide open for Lying Lucy Thomas to ask roughly the same questions we would ask. Which fictional free trade agreement is this Dom? Is there a real world example outside the realms of your imagination?

The real matter of course is that Cummings is a Tory after all - and breaking ranks and running a proper campaign would have meant calling the PM and liar and undermining his credibility. You won't catch one of the Tory inner circle doing that. Fortunately, we Norths will because we never back down and we've always hated Toryboys. They are cowards and they are not to be trusted. Meanwhile Leave.EU, as we see above, has fallen into the trap too.

So really, it looks like it is as we always thought it would be. We're left to make the running with the only Brexit plan worth talking about and the best team of bloggers on Twitter. Cummings doesn't own the space and nobody sane watches Newsnight so who honestly cares what the part timers say?

As we have noted about a billion times, it doesn't matter that the Norway Option is sub-optimal because it is a stepping stone as part of the Brexit process - thus none of the petty complaints really apply. It still offers the best reassurances that will likely secure a win vote. So what if the not yet official leave campaign can't get their tiny brains round it. We'll just take a leaf out of British Influence's book and carry on as if they'd never said a word. They ignore us, we can ignore them.

As for the europhiles, they'll say Vote Leave has disowned the Norway Option. Our reply is that they have not received the nomination, they are not the lead campaign and they are every bit a one man band as Ukip. The voice of Vote Leave is the voice of Dominic Cummings, nobody elected him, and he speaks only for himself. We couldn't give a tinkers damn what they say. Nothing they have even touches Flexcit.

As for the morons who retweet their memes, they're just noise and they're not the votes that matter. Our mission is still the same - to reach those voters an airheaded campaign like Vote Leave never could in a billion years of trying.

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