Tuesday, 6 October 2015

It's this simple...

Broadly the public vote will follow this dynamic hereabove. The public believed Cameron used the veto in 2011 to much public approval. They are easily fooled on EU affairs. Thus the Cameron strategy will be to shine up the status quo and call it gold. The end phase of the campaign will not be a furious battle over the respective merits of the EU. It will be a detailed debate as to how credible Cameron's "reforms" are. Cameron will use his prestige of office to present associate membership as EU reform and will make it look like a diplomatic victory. If we want to leave the EU, we will have to attack the PM and his credibility and damage him personally. That is why the Tory SW1 claque cannot be allowed to run the referendum campaign. They are not to be trusted. Tribalists always put the tribe first.

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