Sunday, 25 October 2015

I really wish they'd stop this.

I have no idea if the above statistic is true or not. I have no intention of finding out either. I suppose I would start here if I had.

What these bozos haven't worked out is that falls in GDP as a percentage of global GDP applies to all the developed countries ... USA and Japan, primarily because developing countries (like China) are doing what developing countries are supposed to do... developing, which means their percentage share of world GDP is increasing - which means that developed countries percentage must drop.

But I am not going to wade into this debate. All I can do, and am willing to do, is sit back and watch the clowns fight it out, making complete arses of themselves. It doesn't actually produce anything or enhance anybody's understanding of the issues and forces the outsider to flip a coin as to who isn't the biggest dickhead.

In any such contest, that's not one grand larcenist Daniel Hannan is ever going to win. What it does do is provoke mongs of equal or greater magnitude, and no surprises that our friend Job Worth pops up to have a crack at it...

The most this elicits from me and any sane person is "meh". The point is, whether EU trade is 20% or 50%, it is large enough not to neglect and not in our interests to downplay. Our message is that it is entirely possible to leave the EU and maintain access to the single market, if not being actual members of the EEA - so trade and jobs are uinaffected. This is an argument Daniel Hannan himself has used, so why he's even bothering bickering over stats I don't know. He just doesn't think. It's no good setting out a message that we want to maintain good relations with the EU if at the same time we're sending out a vibe that EU trade is so insignificant we can afford to turn our backs on it.

All this kind of campaigning does is create a lot of useless noise that reaches no new ears and bores a lot of people so that they switch off. I suppose in this one instance it's better if Hannan does act as cannon fodder to keep dullards like Jon Worth off my lawn, (I don't have that kind of time to waste) but in terms of advancing our message, it doesn't help at all.

Leave.EU have been told about not playing this idiotic game, yet still they keep their house chimpanzee in charge of their twitter communications, and Vote Leave is busy making all the other classic careless mistakes we have spoken of ad nausaum. It is pointless trying to tell them anything so really unless you are prepared to pitch in, we can't count on any sane voices turning the tide.

There are days when my outlook is most belak, but when all of our bloggers are working in concert toward a specific argument on Twitter, we have shown that we can dominate and leave the main campaigns standing. Today has been one of those good days.

What we have seen is that eventually key campaigners are embarrassed into upping their game, so as much as we need to get our own EU alternatives out there, we also need to keep up the pressure on them. I believe Dominic Cummings has been getting a live fire schooling in how things work on the internet thanks to our team today.

We still need more people, but we're not recruiting anyone who happens to run a blog. We want you on message and we don't want to have to babysit you. You've seen what we produce so you can see we barely have any time for that. We can and will assist as far as we can but we want the best. We can help develop you but you will have to show a serious commitment. Leave the idiots like Hannan to argue the toss of how many camels can pass through the eye of a needle. We have serious work to do and we're not going to get any help.

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