Saturday, 31 October 2015

Getting there...

A lot of my work from the last six months will form the basis of blog content for the main campaign website we have just released. When I set it all out logically on the site it makes me realise that we do have a pretty solid intellectual product and the resource to argue the points in ways that no other outfit can. If we had even a fraction of the budgets the main players have, we could win this.

We don't expect it to make a big splash in terms of broad appeal, but that was never our intent. It's pitched at a wholly different audience aimed at broadening the appeal of the message and setting out a progressive case for brexit.

I fully intend to feature all of our bloggers on it. I'm presently working on a sidebar and will be making a point of referencing our bloggers instead of mainstream legacy media sites. I'm hoping it will be at the centre of a feedback loop where your content becomes our content and vice versa.

I still have a few technical bits of tinkering to do behind the scenes and for some reason this sidebar refuses to work. I'm fighting some unfamiliar code with a headcold which I am unwisely nursing with a bottle of Glenlivet. Though even as it stands I think we have a pretty good site and it will improve as we add more resource to it. Again, suggestions and requests are most welcome.

The style of the blog will be a little less verbose than this one and I will try to keep the points concise and link to external sources rather than my long rambling essays. At some point soon I will, sadly, have to step down and do dayjob stuff so I will be recycling content from here and other places. We're certainly not short on pieces about Norway. What I do suggest though is that we start phasing the terminology over to The UNECE Option. That will take a little coordination on our part to make sure people understand what we are talking about.

Ultimately, our job is to raise the standard of debate among Leavers. The base is easily secured by the activities of Leave.EU but our mission to reach new ears remains the same. We have to win the intellectual battle and ensure we have a credible message and a workable alternative to the EU. As we saw from last week's Newsnight car crash, the establishment Tory campaign is not going to do us any favours and they won't attack their own. We shall have to force their hand in upping their game. We now have the tools and we can set the agenda. Let's go rattle their cages. 

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