Friday, 30 October 2015

Lite blogging

I am stricken with the lurgy and there are times when it's best to unplug. This is one of them. The Vote Leave campaign has essentially sided with the PM on the Norway Option and now my inbox is full of bilge I don't have the strength to indulge. For my own sanity I am going to unplug for a couple of days to work on a new campaign website. It's almost finished and in fact would be finished if I didn't have to manually replicate the SQL database behind it.

We've seen the Vote Leave Ltd website and we're not impressed and though Leave.EU is competent web design, the content just isn't up to scratch. We live by two rules. Where design is concerned, less is more and ultimately, content is king. The new website will embody those principles and more to the point; will give the reader a reason to revisit.

Unlike Leave.EU and Vote Leave Ltd, we are not conceding the ground on the Norway Option and we're going to come back at them hard. Meanwhile, our operation is running on fresh air. If you fancy doing something useful, please do head on over to and hit the donate button. I can make the best website in the world but without backing to promote it, we will struggle to get the message out. If we want to win, we cannot afford to let the self-appointed SW1 crowd hijack this referendum.

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