Sunday, 31 January 2016

It's time for Conservatives to wake up

I've been taking some flack on Twitter for remarking that one should never trust a Tory. I'm not sure why. The Conservative Party, officially, is fighting to keep us in the EU. The ones who aren't have been conspiring for nearly a decade to own the campaign for themselves, to the exclusion of all others, largely as a career platform for the likes of Bannerman, Lea, Hannan and Redwood, all of whom have only a thin grasp of the technical issues, no grasp of strategy and continue to undermine and embarrass the cause.

It should also be noted that Hannan has on numerous occasions attempted to sabotage A wretched hive of scum and villainy, to coin a phrase. Through either incompetence, inaction or snobbery the Tory party has done more to harm our chances of leaving the EU than any other force in politics. Not least with the u-turn of Mark Prtichard today.

Winning this will depend on attacking the PM's credibility on EU reforms - and that's why we cannot trust tribalist Tories. The party will always come first. Those who hesitate to attack the Tories should be reminded that if their concern is what happens at the next election then firstly, even with a badly dented Conservative Party, Corbyn is not going to win an election - and secondly, if we are committed to EU membership after the referendum then it's not going to matter very much who is Prime Minister for a very long time. We will have surrendered the ability to self govern and Westminster politics will matter even less than it does now.

Even now, the credibility of the Leave campaign is bleeding away while Vote Leave is fighting like cats in a sack, an in the main that comes down to the egos of just a handful of parasitic Tories who've had their hands in the till from the beginning.

More to the point, if your values are remotely conservative, look around you. We have not seen a reduction in the size of the state. Sure, the registered number of state employees has gone down but that's because so many functions have been farmed out instead of closed down or truly privatised. Let me remind you that outsourcing is not privatisation - and given the ineptitude of government procurement it's not going to save you any money either.

Moreover, the so called party of defence has wasted vast sums of money on big ticket toys, most of which barely work and vastly reduce our capability. This is the party that left us without a maritime patrol aircraft and made a pigs ear of procurement.

We have seen back-tracks on free schools and education reforms, u-turns all over the shop, and whatever you might think of welfare, you don't have to be a foaming leftist to see that it is failing those most in need. Moreover, what is it in your estimation thinks Britain is showing its mettle going grovelling to 27 other states for permission to make a marginal tweak to welfare and immigration policy?

No, the Conservative party is just a continuation of politics-free managerialism, beset by the usual nannying authoritarianism, big spend, high waste massive government and has baulked at any principled reform in the spirit of Mrs Thatcher. At best we can say that Cameron's conservatives are marginally less dreadful than Miliband's Labour party would have been.

The point is, if you want to see Britain as a world leader in its own right, confident in itself with a vibrant democracy, then leaving the EU is your number one priority and your loyalty to Blue Tribe must be left far behind.

Brexit is not the end in itself, it is the beginning of our rediscovery of what it means to be a nation that acts in its own interests on behalf of its peoples before any supranational ideal from the last century. It's about reforming politics so we have real politicians and not these plastics with no authenticity, passion or drive. It's about throwing out the Burnhams, the Camerons and the Corbyns and all these dreary relics. Brexit is the beginning of a revolution in politics so that our votes really do matter.

Brexit is not about saving a few quid here and there or chucking a few regulations in the bin. It's about making that change that we have all been crying out for - to make politics matter again. That is your sales pitch, not the miserly whinging of the Tory eurosceptics. We want those losers gone as well. We need a gust of fresh air blowing over our musty and tainted old "democracy".

In this, there is no party loyalty, not to Ukip, not to the Tories or any of the old order. Do not be afraid of offending party sensibilities. If you are campaigning for Brexit then you are in the business of getting the public to wake up from their slumber, rejecting the established politics and clearing the way for politics befitting this hyper-globalised technology lead world - where so much government is becoming redundant and surpassed.

Put simply, if you want to leave the EU, you have already made up your mind that change has to happen and in this there is no room for sentimentality for the brands that used to represent what we believe. Cameron's empty shell of a party is in no better shape than Labour and if your loyalty to to a brand matters more then you are part of the problem. And that goes double for Ukippers.

If you are a conservative, Cameron is not on your side. He takes you for stupid with phantom vetoes and bogus reforms. This is a man who is lying to us all and treating us with contempt. In the final analysis it's up to you to decide what it is you really want. If you do want to leave the EU, don't come bitching to me for pointing out that the Tory Vote Leave operation is catastrophic. Break ranks and take it up with them.

We have a very short time for this campaign to shape up, we need to have the arguments now and I will not acquiesce to lemming like loyalty only to be lead over the cliff. It's time to put up or shut up. If you decide the latter, stay the hell out of my way.

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