Sunday, 3 January 2016

With whom should we unify?

We have had a number of complaints directed at us on Twitter today, as usual complaining about our failure to show unity with the other campaigns.

Obviously we cannot show unity with Leave.EU while they pump out asinine bilge on a daily basis, and there is no supporting Ukip while they are split between Carswell and Farage, each making their own obvious and unforced errors. And we cannot support Vote Leave who appear to be in the campaign to use funds to further their own business interests - and provide non-jobs for their SW1 friends.

So the questions fall upon those who attack us. Who would you have us align with? Who is the guilty party here? We produce, and Flexcit, all of which continue to contrinute to making a serious case for leaving the EU. We cannot say the same of our so called allies. So who is really at fault here?

What needs to happen is for Arron Banks to tone down the jingoistic and crass rhetoric, and best case scenario, Dominic Cummings should resign from Vote Leave - or at least accept that among strategic thinkers, he is in the clear minority. We should not be attacking our membership of the single market and he needs to modify his campaign to that effect. In this there is no compromise.

There are those who say we should say nothing at all and simply promote our own Brexit message irrespective of the activities of others. Firstly, virtually everything they do undermines all of our best efforts, and by saying we should say nothing you are saying we should tacitly endorse what they say. That's what it will look like. If we want a shot at establishing ourselves as credible people with a serious case for leaving the EU then we need to be seen publicly denouncing such idiocy.

Secondly, to remain silent would be a crime on our part in that we have a moral obligation to demand the very best of our collective efforts. It is they who are letting the side down. The case is theirs to answer and we are not the guilty party here.

If you want to see us focus our efforts on the broader mission then remove the necessity for such attacks and take your complaints to Dominic Cummings and Arron Banks for mishandling their respective campaigns.

On present form, it is likely that one or both will lose the referendum for us. At least by the end of this, we can say with a clear conscience that we staked our standing by coming out and saying what needed to be said. As to Ukip, their petty squabbling is nothing to do with Brexit and any campaign should be keen to distance themselves from it. The best they can do is remain silent.

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