Sunday, 10 January 2016

Well, Banksy, what's it to be?

This evening I can only really echo the sentiments of LeaveHQ. All I would add is that if Arron Banks mangles Flexcit so as to drop the concession on freedom of movement then he is ill-advised and might as well not have bothered wasting our time. As much as Flexcit is a Brexit plan, the subtext is a very powerful campaign strategy. To ditch a central element of it is as good as ditching the whole thing.

The question of whether headbanger Kippers will wear it is wholly irrelevant. The campaign needs to reach the ordinary voters who are not obsessed with Muslims and immigration. Statistically, pathologically and morally, such people are losers - and any campaign that isn't upsetting them with it's moderate and pragmatic message is a campaign that isn't doing it's job. What satisfied the loser creed is (rightly) repellent to most others.

Supposing we could fashion a workable message out of dropping freedom of movement, adding a whole layer of business bureaucracy on visas - and the fees this entails - along with the costs of public administration and border inspection, cancels out any reduced red tape and savings from leaving the EU. It's a fantasy and it's a sledgehammer to miss the nut entirely.

Cooperation from Brexit bloggers and is wholly contingent on Leave.EU not mangling Flexcit and if it is going to be bastardised as a campaign accessory then Leave.EU will be viewed by us as incompetent. We will say so - publicly - and often.

Being a bit of a ferocious attack dog, I have been asked to give Leave.EU a bit of space to bend to the compromise. I won't and I wouldn't ask that of any of our bloggers. Now that the announcement has been made, everything Leave.EU does will be measured against the content of Flexcit. Any deviation or contradiction will be ruthlessly exploited by the opposition. Frankly, I am very surprised they haven't already. That's exactly what I would do in their position.

Everything Andy Wigmore and Arron Banks says from here on in has the potential to sabotage their own campaign and discredit us by association - and I take that VERY seriously. It could cause all of us to disown Leave.EU - and that in itself would be a damaging news story.

If Leave.EU cannot break with its instance on appealing to Ukippers then it is effectively continuity Ukip - the party that scored a mere 14% at the election. That isn't anywhere close to the 51% we need. I am surprised Mr Bank's American number cruncher hasn't told him that much. Not that you need to be a genius to work out that hard line Ukippers are an offensive waste of oxygen.

The short of it is, Leave.EU had had all the leeway in the world over the last few months to get their act together. The Leave cause cannot afford for amateurs to fumble around making unforced errors. We are in the full glare of the public now. We are no longer toiling in obscurity. It may only take one careless tweet to keep us in the EU forever. If Arron Banks thinks the EU threat serious enough to invest a large part of his fortune - then it's important enough to take the campaign seriously.

I don't buy it that Banks has to reconcile input from other Brexit campaigners. What they say and what they want is totally irrelevant to the task at hand. Winning. Their whinges about regulation, budget contributions and immigration is wholly superfluous to the debate if we want to win.

We've been over it time after time and if die hard Kippers don't understand it by now, they never will. Such obstinate, uncompromising and horrendous people have absolutely nothing to offer the campaign unless they ditch the eurosceptic baggage and leave their horrible politics at the door.

Frankly, I am super tired of having to write these posts. It's draining. What I want to be doing is taking the fight to the enemy. I want to be isolating and publicly humiliating Europhile stupidity. I want to be throwing virtual rocks at their greenhouses. I want to be owning the debate. I do not want to fighting my own side over the basics. I don't want to be falling out with any more friends and allies over this. I want to get on with it. I want to win.

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