Sunday, 24 January 2016

Leave.EU is letting us down badly

Leave.EU are going all out for stupid again. They make reference to a stupid meme statistic that only 5% of businesses export thus 95% of the UK should not have to comply with regulations.

This is the bit where you would expect me to write a long and detailed post outlining why this is tactically (and factually) stupid. I won't. This stuff really does knock the stuffing out of me. What's the point? It's one of those go-to-bed-angry sort of days.

After all that has been written, if this is still the prevailing message then it's wasted effort. As much as Leave.EU and Vote Leave have irreconcilable differences, their underlying message is essentially the same. The usual eurosceptic baggage that dates back to the early nineties. It runs entirely contrary to the message this blog has been promoting and my hits tell me just how little interest is shown in that.

Anyone trying to push a a modern and enlightened Brexit vision is very much pissing in the wind with no mainstream support. In fact, the mainstream campaigns by the looks are philosophically opposed to what we propose and are dead set on undermining it. If one cares to measure what can be inferred from their outpourings with the message of global engagement, you can see that they are mutually exclusive.

It really rather looks like the Brexit cause is made up of clueless free market tories, deranged kippers and disgruntled leftists. Anybody sane will just vote on the basis of who is the least repellent. That's why it looks very much like we have already lost.

Leave.EU is barely past first base in its understanding of the issues and is not inclined to listen to expertise, Vote Leave Ltd is wholly malevolent and we're sat in the middle with no money and no resources with which to fight an effective middle ground message.

Were it not for the fact that I am materially, emotionally and spiritually invested in leaving the EU I would listen to my better judgement and walk away from this. I could be doing something better than this. But I will continue, not in the spirit of winning, but with a view to damage control. is certain to hand us a defeat, and eurosceptics as a whole do not actually deserve to win, but we can at least limit the scale of the defeat so that maybe sometime in the future we can leave.

What this hereabove suggests is that Leave.EU hasn't read Flexcit, much less understood it, and are still foolishly running a data driven campaign. Consequently they will spend the whole campaign chasing every passing car and barking up every tree. There will be no coherence or consistency and there will be no strategy. If they haven't figured out by now why that's dangerous, we can take it as read they they are not going to.

All I can say is that the public had best choose all their MEPs more wisely at the next euro elections since we are more than likely staying in the EU now. Don't say we didn't warn you.

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