Friday, 29 January 2016


Three tweets beautifully exemplify this whole mess. The media has noticed the Leave side is an incompetent shower with no coherent message and no real idea of what out looks like.

Daniel Hannan says some helpful things, but then the next day says precisely the opposite, blowing whichever way the wind takes him. He's all over the shop. But in admitting that freedom of movement is part of the Brexit deal if we want to secure a victory, he advances the debate a little.

But then Beavis and Butthead of Leave.EU step in, reverting to Continuity Ukip tactics, blowing the whole deal. Any semblance of strategy and nuance is swept aside to let out a generic eurosceptic fart.

At this point, I have no opinion whatsoever on who wins the designation for the lead campaign since a bunch of grunting kipperists run by Beavis and Butthead is no more likely to produce a win than a bunch of treacherous Tories who can't even say for certain if they want to leave.

Ultimately, leavers have been unwilling to let go of eurosceptic baggage, can't focus on the task at hand and can't get their heads around the fact we're fighting a referendum and not an election. The brand is so badly soiled now that there is no rowing back. Only a brand new campaign organisation can save the cause now. Leave.EU is an embarrassment and will do nothing to advance the debate.

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