Sunday, 31 January 2016

Staying silent is the way of the coward

You have to be a bit self-righteous to be a blogger, otherwise you wouldn't be a blogger. It means having some confidence in your ideas and some faith in your arguments. Naturally some people will resent that and you will become the target of some fairly nasty personal invective. In this I have had my fair share and when it comes to brass tacks, I give roughly as good as I get. I have no real right to complain.

Or maybe I do. You see, I don't enjoy antagonising people with whom, in spirit, I agree. It has cost me a lot. It has caused serious rows with friends, it has cost a lot of money to do, and I am quite sure if I had instead toed the line and toadied up to the right people I would be speaking to a far wider audience and maybe making a living out of this.

But that actually comes with a price too. I have seen what you have to write and who you have to make nice with - and it doesn't reach any new ears. That's not going to happen. You see, I want to win this and nobody is served by me remaining silent over what needs to be said. Some have demanded conformity and unity with two absolutely terrible campaigns, regardless of how bad they are - and some have demanded my total silence. I am not minded to accommodate such people under any circumstances. 

If you have a problem with what I am saying, I am only reporting things as I see them and you need to take it up with the respective campaigns. I stop growling when they stop being useless. It's not like we have not made every possible effort to ensure they are equipped with the right information.

And please don't give me the waffle about the way I approach people. After all, I have been in this game a while, I have seen the behaviour of the influencers in this debate and have seen repeated attempts to educate them fail. Not least David Campbell Bannerman who is resolutely immune from taking on board new information and the Carswells and Hannans of this world always agree with the last people they spoke to. 

In fact, it is mainly the shock value of being so publicly obnoxious that half of these people even engaged at all. They now know who I am, what my problem is with them and yet they continue to preach bad ideas, knowing them to be false mainly out of pettiness and laziness, under the assumption that none of their neophytes will notice they're being spoonfed bullshit. 

But this is what makes them contemptible in that we are so close to the referendum and the Remain campaing have picked up on most of the flaws in the campaing yet their egos prevent them from moderating their output to the point of actively undermining what we Brexit Bloggers have been saying. 

Unlike bloggers, these people are unused to being challenged and are uncomfortable with being seen to be wrong. They are in transmit mode only and have no interest in entering a dialogue or learning anything. Just look ta Ruth Lea, who professes to be an economist, who speaks unmitigated crap about the single market. She has nearly 1500 followers but follows a mere 12. She is not in the least bit interested in the views of others, hence why I am blocked, even after approaching her gently in the first instance.

I have an uphill battle because many of their supporters have been told by others in the bubble that these people are intelligent, informed people. Lea certainly isn't, John Redwood is embarrassing and the less said about Jacob Rees Mogg the better. So really, nasty is the only tool in the box. As much as these people have blocked me, there is nothing stopping me exposing them and undermining them without their knowledge. In this I rather resent the notion that I am at fault. 

This is oddly, why I do have a soft spot for Arron Banks. As much as Leave.EU sucks donkeyballs, Banks is at least capable of dialogue even if he does have the attention span of a gerbil on methamphetamines. Too bad what we say is wasted breath.

But then I get the crap that there are other opinions to be considered too. But there aren't many opinions to consider in the field of regulation and much of what eurosceptics believe is merely the result of an amplified echo chamber, largely made worse by the clueless utterances of Daniel Hannan. And let's not forget, the cacophony of protest at the suggestion Flexcit would form the basis of a Leave.EU plan came from a small band of misanthropes who haven't actually read it and wouldn't understand it if they did. 

So yes, given the price I have paid, given the bullshit I have put up with and given the energy my whole family has devoted to this, I have every right to be prickly and impatient and for johnny come latelys to tell me my own business is arrogance in the extreme. You can't judge the debate by the chapter you walked in on - and if I seem arrogant it's because I do know what I am talking about and these arseholes, in the mian, do not. I'm not the one with the attitude problem. I have approached this with passion, knowledge and aptitude and is a testament to that. I am quietly very proud of it and it deserves more exposure. 

Thinking back to last year when a number of friends deserted me and to side with Ukip after some biutter rows, I see they are now fully adorned with Leave.EU "twibbons" and are out handing out balloons and leaflets, wasting their time, having passed up the opportunity to make a real difference on the web with us. In this they chose to stay silent and conform in order to show unity. That to me is moral and intellectual cowardice.

Sitting idly by and letting a bunch of self-important gobshites ruin the last twenty years of work for all of us is not uniting or showing loyalty. It's a dereliction of duty. Those who say it is me provoking disunity have no idea just how offensive they are. Especially when these people do not put even a tenth of the effort in I do. And if I have a right to complain then you can only imagine how Richard North feels after all the sacrifices he has made only to be shafted time and again by self-serving, two-faced gutless bastards.

So really, if I am curt, impatient, or at times indescribably rude, perhaps you should check your own crassness and insensitivity and at least do us the courtesy of reading our blogs first before opening your fat mouths. When all is said and done, win or lose, I won't be sat pondering if there was anything else I could have done. I very much doubt kipper grunters will be able to say the same, and if we lose, don't point the finger at us because we'll bite hard. I'll show you a new definition of unpleasant.

The bottom line is I will keep hammering away at everybody who is letting the side down. You are getting all the cues you need from Stronger In who have identified all the same holes we have. We said we had to be our own worst critics and we have been exactly that. Now it's your turn to act on it, break your silence and start protesting at the stupid bastards who are ruining our last chance of leaving the EU. Hold them to account. But don't you ever dare demand that I show unity or remain silent. I am incapable of displaying the cowardice our so-called friends have. 

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