Wednesday, 3 February 2016

A lot of weather we've been having lately

Today I have to admit to feeling a little disarmed. Mr Cameron has taken the wind right out of my sails. How can you write thundering blog posts on the matter of Brexit when the case for leaving has never been so self-evident? Seriously, this latest charade ought to disabuse anyone of the fantastical notion that the EU can be reformed or that the Tory party has the slightest interest in even attempting it.

In fact it puts a whole lot of silly notions in the bin. Certainly the notion that Mr Corbyn is some kind of anti-establishment radical can go in the bin and so too can the notion that Lib Dems are liberal and democratic. If you haven't decided to leave the EU now on the basis of what's staring you in the face, what can I possibly say that will make a dent?

If by now you don't have a quietly burning loathing of the media, the political class and the polite society that rules the roost then you're just not paying attention. If the fact that every corrupt corporate, every subsidy sucker, rent-seeker and grant chaser is now shilling for Brussels doesn't offend you, then nothing will. Quite simply you are happy to be taken for a fool and used as a cash cow. So too are you content to be managed like cattle rather than considered as a sentient, participating citizen with hopes, dreams and ambitions.

If by now you are not seeing through the veneer of corporate and state propaganda like a pair of x-ray glasses from They Live then there is absolutely no hope for you at all. If by now you think the EU is a democracy and it responds to the wishes of the people of Europe then you're on another planet. If you think these MEPs and policy wonks are in it for anybody but themselves, feathering their own nests, stroking their own egos and building their own delusional little empires, then you are quite, quite mad.

If those who are normally implacable foes of the Tory party are willing to give Cameron a free pass on one of the greatest lies of the century thus far, and you're not taking that as a clue that something is deeply suspect, then what more is there to be said? When Chuka Umunna is singing from the same hymn sheet as David Cameron, and that doesn't register with you as disturbing we are wasting our breath.

If you are prepared to pass up the opportunity of a lifetime to tell all of these people where to go, to upset the applecart and derail their agenda, what you're really saying is that as much you have thus far complained about politics and the state of democracy, you cannot imagine an alternative and you're content to leave things be.

If the status quo really is adequate for you, and being lied to so brazenly and taken for a fool really doesn't faze you enough to do something about it, then I guess there's really not much for us to talk about is there? A lot of weather we've been having lately.

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