Thursday 4 February 2016

We told you this would happen

"The main campaign group" (according the The Guardian) "seeking to take Britain out of the EU is in danger of losing the referendum unless “damaging and unnecessary” bickering is stopped, according to a leaked internal email."
"In a sign of the bitter infighting in the Vote Leave group, one of its main supporters has accused campaign director Dominic Cummings of undermining the organisation by generating “ill feeling” among workers."
John Mills, the multi-millionaire Labour donor who is the group’s deputy chairman, said that the feuding has prompted the MP Kate Hoey to stand down as co-chair of the Labour Leave group. Hoey, who is now supporting the separate Grassroots Out (GO), has agreed not to say anything publicly about the split.
Mills turned on Cummings in an email sent on Tuesday. Mills was infuriated after Cummings reportedly sent a text which made allegedly disparaging remarks about the former Labour minister and Gordon Brown supporter Nigel Griffiths, who is a leading figure in Labour Leave.
In an email to Cummings and the Vote Leave chief executive, Matthew Elliott, Mills wrote: “What on earth are you doing, generating more and more ill feeling like this entirely unnecessarily? I thought you had promised to stop doing this sort of thing. Don’t you realise that this kind of behaviour puts more and more damaging and unnecessary strain on everyone?”
The rest of the report is worth a read. Though at this point, I remind readers that we did say that Dominic Cummings was a prize shit. We also said he would damage the campaign and we also said that he would be an obstacle to progress.

Meanwhile it is the Eurosceptic aristocracy that have rallied around him and the odious Matthew Elliott, in support of Vote Leave, along with the ConservativeHome clan, rejecting the need for a Brexit plan and scheming to sabotage

We told you Cummings was malevolent, we told you Vote Leave was no good and we will continue attack all of those who have conspired to own this campaign. We have been calling for his sacking for quite some time.

Why Matthew Elliott and Dominic Cummings are still in post beats the hell out of us. It is our belief that their incompetence, along with their ambiguity should disqualify them from running for the designation and the organisation should be folded. These are selfish, corrupt and parasitic people. Nasty through and through.

The whole Leave campaign needs an urgent rethink and we must reject the utterances of the Tory old guard. In this, we urge anyone who wants to win to step forward and join our blog team, not least because there is little to no signal that Arron Banks is going to cooperate or shape up his abysmal campaign either. 

We have to work on the assumption that whoever wins the designation, it will be useless. We might as well not have a Leave campaign for all the value it is going to add. In the end, if you want to win this, it's up to me and you - and we cannot afford to wait for the others to get their act together. They are losers. In every sense. 

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