Sunday, 7 February 2016

Why we need a plan #57889

The BBC is running more FUD stories by the day, with today's effort being fears over the Northern Ireland border. "Veteran MP" Kate Hoey who was born in Northern Ireland and is co-chair of Labour Leave says: "I don't see a situation where we would end up with big barriers up. I see no reason if we were not in the European Union why we wouldn't build a good relationship with the Republic that would work out a lot of these issues".

The problem here is that plenty of people most definitely can see reasons why such issues would not be resolved in certain circumstances. Course, if the campaign could point to a definitive plan that retained single market membership, such issues would be negotiated with the EU as part of the Brexit settlement rather than with the Republic. And if it conceded on freedom of movement as a transitional measure, then Mrs Hoey could say with complete confidence that any such fears are entirely without just cause.

Course, Hoey hasn't bothered to examine the various technical issues because being a eurosceptic bubble-dweller, she doesn't do filthy detail. We're all supposed to be reassured on the basis that it'll be alright on the night because Mrs H says so. Anyone would think having a Brexit plan was a good idea.

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