Thursday 4 February 2016

What is the point of BBCQT?

Bradford Councillor, Simon Cooke, is on the ball tonight in noticing that not one of tonight's BBC Question Time panellists is even from Yorkshire, let alone Bradford. As he puts it, they are a "bunch of southerners fresh off the train". It would also appear that Nigel Farage won't get there in time due to being stuck in traffic, this time on the A1. Farcical.

As worthless at our legacy media generally is, BBCQT is a Westminster Bubble road show with absolutely nothing of value to offer. These people are empty talking heads with absolutely zero expertise. Why do they even bother? How can we say there has been a thorough debate of the issues if the BBC is just going to produce the cheapest, most convenient productions it can, reaching for the default choices each time?

But then I suppose the BBC has to ship in a panel of Southerners, cos we Yorkshire folk don't know owt. It's not like there are any widely regarded EU experts in Bradford of all places. No siree.

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