Wednesday, 10 February 2016

No, there is "literally" no-one I like

Hopefully after this post, which I will add to as more things come to memory, I won't have to explain myself again.

Daniel Hannan, Ruth Lea, Douglas Carswell, David, Bannerman, Nigel Farage, John Redwood and all of their acolytes think that they own euroscepticism. The are the old guard. They were giving speeches to the CIB and the Bruges Group when I was a young teenager. I am now 37. I have been hearing the same dismal third rate Eurosceptic arguments for twenty years.

They have not evolved even slightly, except may they bang on about immigration a good deal more than they ever used to. These people have made careers out of it, and to a man (and woman) they have all preciously guarded their prestige, never seeking to engage in dialogue and without exception, I am blocked on Twitter by all of them.

I am not alone in finding that these people rapidly reach of the block button when any of their arguments are challenged. They don't want to know. They view a correction or a challenge as a hostile act rather than an attempt to strengthen the arguments. And no, this is not because I am hostile to them. I am hostile because of their inherent hostility. Cause and effect.

Just looking at Ruth Lea, she has nearly 1500 followers but follows a mere 12. She is not in the least bit interested in the views of others. We are allowed to follow them and compliment them, and in some cases worship them, but one must never question!

In this cosy, self-referential bubble, there are certain ideas that have become sacred cows over the years, not least that "regulation is bad", which has become a dogmatic mantra for the eurosceptic cause. There are a number of shibboleths that need to challenged, not only to revitalise the Leave campaign, but also because they are wrong and are extremely damaging to our chances of leaving the EU.

In this, they never actually respond to criticism, knowing that their many followers will guard the gates on their behalf. The groupthink is cultural orthodoxy for eurosceptics. To challenge it is to be a sinner.

In this regard I have no love of any of the Johnny-come-lately's like Kate Hoey and Sarah Woolaston, both of whom have largely opted to go along with the herd, having done no thinking or research of their own, and in being accepted into the gang, will most likely follow the same social patterns. Kate Hoey most definitely has, will not answer her critics, and has since become neither use nor ornament since she is trotting out the same tired dogma.

Since this dogma, for reasoned outlined ad nauseam most definitely will lose the referendum, it is incumbent upon anybody who does want to win to ensure these people are outed for what they are. Parasites. It wouldn't be so bad were they even willing to acknowledge the source of their work on the few occasions they get it right but Redwood and Hannan especially are plagiarists. As much as they do little thinking of their own, resting on their prestige, as lazy people so very often do, their currency is gossip, and that is how ideas are passed between them - hence why so little original work has come from that clan in over twenty years.

These people are making all the classic mistakes we have warned about, they are totally out of date with their arguments, they behind the curve in every possible sense, and rather than attempting to meet us half way, each of them in their own way have sabotaged any effort to lodge a Brexit plan or to expand the debate, because it demands a certain humility and good grace that not a single one of them possesses.

For all Farage's utterances about "the establishment", this eurosceptic aristocracy, along with Louise Mensch, Mark Wallace, Tim Montgomerie, Matthew Elliott, Dominic Cummings, Paul Goodman etc, are about as Tory establishment as it gets. Farage is not actually part of the clan, but he has his own little cult who fish in the same shrinking pod for material.

And so yes, I do attack every one of these people and no, not one of them in any way has earned my respect. There was a time when I had a certain admiration for one or two of them, but having put in the work and the long hours and the personal investment, and seen these people for what they are, I have nothing left but contempt for every last one of them. 

As to why I attack Leave.EU, that should be self-evident to any informed eurosceptic, and as to Vote Leave, it is a grubby den of thieves and careerists and indeed a support mechanism, a meal ticket for many of the culprits named above, so yes, it needs taking down and exposing for what it is. 

These people have been the bed-blockers to new ideas and a strategy, and it is precisely these people who have to take the blame for the dismal state the eurosceptic movement finds itself in at this late stage in the game. Every possible effort has been made to try and build bridges, but these are treacherous, two-faced, self-serving vermin - and a goodly part of why, in my estimation, Leave has already lost. 

And so, when eurosceptics bring their sniping, snide remarks to me, telling me that I should not attack my "own side" they cannot be in the least bit surprised if they find themselves firmly on my shit list. Not least since none of them will have bothered to follow the extensive work conducted by our network of bloggers. 

With so much at stake, attacking these people is not so much a personal vendetta as it is a campaign necessity. It must be shown that their eurosceptic ideas are not the only ideas. 

In this I am working very hard, with no support, to put it out there that there are eurosceptics out there who do recognise the realities, embrace the complexity and have realistic expectations and demands. I have no organisational support, running on peanuts (while the parasites are coining it), and every hour I have in the day is devoted to making an alternative case. 

In this we have been utterly betrayed by both friends and allies more times than I care to count, and we have been deceived utterly by the cowardly Arron Banks and Andy Wigmore of Leave.EU. We have been the target of persistent, personal vitriol, and coordinated efforts to silence us. (Daniel Hannan, since you ask). So really, if you are still loyal to the groupthink after all that has been said, you are the problem, not me. 

These are the people who will deliver us a referendum defeat. They will head up the cul-de-sac and walk into every trap. Their lack of strategic acumen, their lack of knowledge and their inability to broaden their appeal will ensure Britain is stuck in the EU for a long time to come. In this regard, they are not on my side, and between us, these people are not working to leave the EU. They are working to save their own skins. 

While these people are dictating the narrative, pushing the failed ideas that didn't win the 1975 referendum, our chances of winning are slim to none. It doesn't look like we're getting a June referendum now and Cameron is playing the long game. That gives us a very short window to try and lodge a different message, and attacking the eurosceptic tribe is a necessary part of that process. If you don't like it, that's just tough. Suck it up. I'm here to stay. 

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