Saturday, 6 February 2016

No sympathy for Skeletor.

The campaign to pull Britain out of the European Union is run by people who are spreading “lies” about fellow activists and who will never win the referendum, a senior MP has warned.
Amid a civil war among eurosceptics, Kate Hoey alleged that the Vote Leave campaign chiefs Dominic Cummings and Matthew Elliott are incapable of working with others and have deliberately undermined attempts to unite two competing Out campaigns.

Ms Hoey, a senior Labour MP and former, revealed the explosive details of the story behind her decision to quit Vote Leave last week, in an interview with The Telegraph. "I want to get out (of the EU) more than anything else,” she said. “I am not prepared to go along with being part of an organisation that I genuinely don’t think can actually win the campaign.”

A Vote Leave spokesman has has said the group does not recognise claims that Mr Cummings has caused divisions and friction.
A spokesman called Dominic Cummings I imagine. If the allegations are untrue then it would be the first time in his career that he has managed to secure the confidence and respect of his colleagues. The man is a prize shit. Everyone says so for good reason.

But then I don't have much sympathy for Kate "Skeletor" Hoey either. She was warned that this lot were a bunch of frauds and her response was frosty. Don't get me wrong, I like the lady a lot, but she is woefully under-informed, easily led and no more likely to listen to a reasoned Brexit case than any of the other Brexit headbangers. As much as she may think otherwise, she is still a member of the bubble. In that regard, she is no more entitled to respect than the rest of them.

This post from Lost Leonardo gives the full lowdown on Vote Leave, and along with the rest of the Brexit bloggers, a seriously strong case has been made against them, yet neither the media or MPs are even aware such blogs exist. They are almost entirely dependent on a witless and self-referential media for information, who wilfully exclude outsiders even when they become aware of us. That is why we are so legendarily unpleasant to them. 

Moreover, Skeletor has gone over to Grassroots Out, who, apart from the strategy, are mostly preaching exactly the same old eurosceptic baggage which is absolutely certain to lose. So her defection is nothing to celebrate in the slightest. If by chance it hastens the inevitable demise of Vote Leave then half a cheer for that, but we're still no closer to having a campaign with a coherent message that can withstand public scrutiny. 

For all that eurosceptics complain about "the establishment" they very much have one of their own that does not welcome outsiders, only steals the ideas it can exploit and turns nasty when challenged. Frankly, unless Arron Banks's gang gets a grip soon, we won't even secure a respectable loss in order to keep up momentum. In that event I can't think of a bunch more deserving of a total and humiliating defeat.

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