Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Grassroots Out: a gallery of losers

Look at this motley crew. Old right wing white people with forty year old arguments - all of whom have a tenuous grasp of the issues. Lea and Bannerman especially. Team Dinosaur.

This here is the precise opposite of what I wanted to see. I wanted to see original ideas, new arguments, fresh faces and some indication that our message can reach beyond the confines of the Wesminster establishment. Together with Conservatives for Suicide it rather looks like a total rejection of any outside influence. They have turned the ship toward the rocks and set throttles to full.

This creates something of a problem for me in that I not only intensely dislike these people, I also know for a fact that these people are entirely wrong about the arguments they make and what Brexit can achieve. I am unable to support this campaign, nor can I avoid attacking it because it is counterfactual and not in the spirit of what Brexit should be about.

This really is a bunch of swivel-eyed little englanders who want to slam the door shut and turn our backs on Europe come what may. And no, that's not just a bit of rhetoric. That is what they imply with their core arguments by consequence whether they know it or not. They might say they want to "go global", but the substance of what they say indicates the precise opposite mentality.

As a movement it cannot deliver a victory, nor does it even deserve victory. What worries me though is that these people will not only deliver a defeat but a rout that will bury the issue. Referendums do tend to re-energise movements even in defeat, but only if the loss is a respectable margin. These relics will make sure this is the end of everything we have worked for.

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