Monday 22 February 2016

All over bar the losing.

There is no other way you could describe today's session in parliament than a complete and total rout of the parliamentary eurosceptic efforts. You couldn't recruit a more lacklustre bunch if you had weeks of upfront auditioning.

While the PM was lying through his teeth on the legality and validity of his reforms he has the whole bunch of the Leavers bang to rights. They don't know what they want, how to get it and cannot agree among themselves. They haven't even grasped the procedural basics. The Remain campaign have successfully and irretrievably lodged the notion that Leave does not now what out looks like. A wholly self-inflicted wound. 

Even if they were now to come crawling to use Flexcit, that ship has already sailed. The Leave campaign will never establish credibility, it will have no track record of consistency and even with a united front (which isn't going to happen) they couldn't convincingly pull it off. They're done.

And as if that wasn't bad enough - tonight we get probably the last nail in the coffin from Martin Durkin. You see, Durkin does make high quality productions. The production standard on his films is first class. He also has a track record in that his global warming documentary did some lasting damage to the reputation of climate science. Brexit the Movie could have been decisive. Or at least the difference between a respectable loss and a rout.

But now that isn't going to happen. He gave us his assurance that it would not be the usual eurosceptic talking heads saying the same old things, but given the above tweet, how could it now be anything else? The same hackneyed 1990's arguments that have failed to win any new ground ever since from roughly the same people.

Effectively, this project was the last chess piece on the board - and the last to fall. It will be an hour of preaching to the gallery and it will accomplish nothing. It will open no new territory and will cover no new ground. If Durkin is talking to Davis and Lea, there is zero chance of it winning credibility.

In this there is only two possible conclusions. Either that Durkin really doesn't see just how weak the current eurosceptic case is, or that the short referendum has shafted his timetable too, and he figures a talking heads gallery of the usual suspects can be produced for less than twenty grand - meaning he and his mates can cut up the difference between them. A respectable years salary in a couple of months. Who knows?

Against a backdrop of Arron Banks's antics, Boris's buffoonery (and incoherence), along with the dregs of the eurosceptic aristocracy contradicting themselves, with our Nige also making a complete prat of himself every time he opens his mouth, there's not really much to be said for our chances of leaving the EU.

And the worst part about this is there are no prizes whatsoever for being right. At the end of this, they will blame absolutely anybody but themselves. All the recognised analysis that comes after will come from the same clan of SW1 hacks who have thus far failed to understand the issues in every respect. Consequently, they will never realise why they messed up.

And so at this point, I find myself without a dog in the fight, only half heartedly able to bolster our failing efforts - in the knowledge that every good idea I push into the Twitter domain will be contradicted by the likes of Kate Hoey and co.

It means the last two years of all most solid blogging have been entirely futile - and apart from the life altering education - it's been a massive waste of time. Unless there's a miracle, it's all over bar the losing.

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