Monday, 22 February 2016

An open letter to MPs

Dear lobby fodder,

The purpose of a referendum is to secure legitimacy for decisions where Parliament can not secure that legitimacy. It certainly can't in these such instances. With only small mandates you are barely representative at the best of times - and given that you are all, without exception, in hock to an SW1 bubble mentality (whether you care to admit it or not), MPs cannot be trusted with such extraordinary decisions. That's why we wanted a referendum to begin with.

If the whole of the Wesminster establishment is going to crowd out the voices of the people, and the campaign becomes the virtual property of the media, where it controls the message, where original arguments and voices are not heard, then the result is no more legitimate than if we'd never bothered having a referendum in the first place. 

You people have your say all the time - and so now it's our turn - and if you have any decency or integrity at all (stop laughing at the back) you will do us all a favour and shut the hell up. 

You owe it to us to do no-comment interviews and turn down media appearances - whichever side you have chosen to back. Make room for the people so they can have their say - otherwise this will be known as the stolen referendum. You can keep your Corbyns, Benns, Johnsons and Redwoods etc. They've had their say. Let us have ours.

Pete North. 

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