Saturday, 18 June 2016

A little dignity is too much to hope for

David Cameron announced that parliament would be recalled on Monday to pay tribute to Cox “on behalf of everybody who values democracy, free speech and the right of political expression”.

Presumably this means Mr Cameron will be in absentia. But you just know what this is going to be don't you? Live wall to wall TV coverage of a packed house full of choking MPs gushing their bilge, each taking their turn, taking all day about it, pissing parliamentary dignity way with every last syllable, invoking the word democracy as a they conspire against the public to throw the last of it away.

Contrast that with the year of my birth. 1979, the killing of Airey Neave. Mrs Thatcher made a five paragraph statement to the house. As did Callaghan, with a message of thanks from the speaker. Dignity, gravitas, emotional maturity.

But not in 2016. We shall have hypocrisy, crocodile tears for the camera and emotional incontinence - and further attempts to cast leavers as regressive. This is how far Britain has fallen. These conniving shits whose fingers are never far from the till will speak of the need for greater respect of public servants - when they have used the entire edifice of state against the public in order to guarantee their orthodoxy is not threatened. And these people will have the nerve to lecture us about freedom.

They have no idea what they have started here with this. Not a clue. They have absolutely nullified the gravitas and dignity of the Commons. They have shattered trust in the institutions.

They can steal their referendum if they wish, but I get a sense that these people are not coming back from what they have done. They have really screwed up. Now we will see the most poisonous and toxic political battle for a generation that will have lasting repercussions for years. If you think this referendum has been ugly, you ain't seen nothing yet.

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