Sunday, 19 June 2016

We want our country back

Tomorrow is a test of Parliament. I rather expect it will fail. We will see gushing adulation of Jo Cox and it will be lacking in any gravitas or dignity. The Prime Minister will only just scrape a pass. He has just enough statesman left in him to avoid the temptation to use this as a grandstanding opportunity. Though we can expect a barb in the subtext. Anything short of a measured and dignified statement will show that we have turned a corner in a very bad way.

You see, this collegial atmosphere of mutual praise in Westminster is utterly corrosive. The lack of enmity is not healthy. It a sign of why British politics is losing its moral authority. It shows that the Westminster bubble has become a progressive's love-in.

It should not be for a conservative prime minister to heap praise on an individual like Jo Cox. This is because Cox and others in her image are the enemy - and they should be despised. They are the enemies of property rights, free speech, self-government and democracy. We should hate these people as they hate us.

They are utopians who believe that a new Jerusalem is only one more erosion of freedom away. Everything about the modern left is utterly depraved. They do not like us, they do not trust us and they definitely don't want us having a say in who governs us. This is why they outsource authority to the EU.

What we will see tomorrow is that Cameron (as much as he is not a conservative) is more one of them than one of us. No self-confident conservative could find their way clear to support EU membership or indeed offer anything over and above the obligatory platitudes in response to the Cox murder.

And coming back to that collegial atmosphere, there is an underside to that. It means that which should be spoken aloud is now spoken quietly in the corridors, as though being a conservative was a form of moral perversion. We are not having the debate that we need to have, and we are not opposing that which needs to be opposed.

Ultimately the reason conservatives are hated by the left is because of our moral clarity. We are the ones who would dismantle their corrosive welfarism designed to create a captive power base. We are the ones who put adult spending limits on their activities. We are the ones who leave people alone to organise themselves.

We are the ones who expect and demand individuals rise to their capabilities. It is as much in our own interests as it is in theirs. We are the ones who have not caved into this pervasive moral relativism which has so completely hollowed out our justice system and lost the confidence of citizens.

A Britain that dare not be proud of its conservatism, afraid to denounce this morally bankrupt progressivism which has destroyed everything wholesome about Britain, is one that deserves its fate.

In fact, the only reason we have a Ukip, a party in hoc to a bizarre blend of purist libertarianism and inward looking protectionism, is because true blue conservatism has left the building. Politically we are in a moral vacuum - so it is not altogether surprising we feel the need to lean on the EU. And whose fault is this? Ours. Ours for our own cowardice and lack of faith in our own ideas. This is why we have the not-the-conservative party in charge.

But this explains the referendum divisions and why the left have abandoned all of their principles to keep us in the EU. They know what Brexit means. Brexit means a return to moral authority, where every single one of the corrosive policies of the left will be put on the bonfire.

When we say we want our country back, we do not mean we want it back from the EU. We want it back from the scum who handed Britain to the EU. We want a complete purge of their ideas from every branch of government. Those which have taken root over the last thirty years.

We will end political correctness, nannying authoritarianism, welfarism, and the gutlessness that has turned our foreign office into into a branch of Oxfam. We want it back from the people who have totally dismantled our military capability, trashed our education system, debased academia, shattered the Union, and turned our energy sector into a playground for childish ideas.

But this is also why we will not win the referendum. Our institutions have become so debased that they support EU membership. This is much to do with the fraction of funding they get from it. They were bought for a pittance. I am now convinced Britain will only leave the EU when it deserves to leave the EU.

That will be the day when every conservative rediscovers their backbone and retakes the Conservative Party as their own. We will know when that comes about because that will be the day with the Conservative Party campaigns on a ticket of leaving the EU and makes no apology for it. One that does not shroud itself in apologia and sops to the climate change lobby. If that day should come I will be at the front of the queue.

Until then we must wait. This regressive leftism must work through its natural course to its natural destination. It will bring Britain to the brink of financial collapse, moral collapse and teetering on the edge of disorder. That is what our future brings and that is the inevitability of remaining in the EU.

Ultimately, we deserve what is coming because proud conservatives have failed to make an open and honest case. We have failed to trust in the decency of the British public. Instead we have connived to take power by the back door, using a Manchurian candidate like Cameron to put the party into office. The consequences are there for all to see.

It does not matter that the man wins elections if ultimately the result is the same as continuing a Labour administration. And so, if we want a restoration, and a renaissance of Britain then conservatism must fight back. It must spit on frauds like Boris Johnson, it must eject the Camerons of this world and speak up for what it believes in. It must make a moral case for leading Britain and remind the people what they have lost.

We repeatedly hear that we eurosceptics want to turn the clock back, chasing a vision of a Britain that never existed. But it did exist. We did have a functioning justice system. We did have decent schools. We did have Royal Navy to be reckoned with. We sat at the top tables in our own right and we had a police force that commanded respect. You didn't have to read the hi-viz vest to see if you were speaking to a security guard, a PCSO or an actual policeman.

We had a conservative moral code which didn't see teenage girls free to roam to be exploited by god knows who and we wouldn't have thought twice about deporting scum who openly tell us they want to kill us and destroy our civilisation. Nor would we see our prime minister grovelling to the third rate politicians of Europe to ask permission to modify our welfare policy. Further to this we had an emotionally mature parliament which had dignity and gravitas. Not the second rate national embarrassment we see today.

There is no re-industrialising Britain. There is no winding the clock back on regulations. There is no Cider with Rosie rural idyll or chocolate box Britain. There is no return to empire. Not that we would wish such a thing. But there is a path to self-confident self-rule and a return to decency and moral clarity. That is is the Britain we had and that is the Britain we want back.

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