Monday, 20 June 2016

Nothing but victory will do

The strongest argument for remaining in the EU is incredibly powerful. It poses some challenging questions. It asks of us how we will navigate the complexities of leaving. At first we thought it was complex. Now we discover it it is more complex than that. But it is important to note that this line of argument is not an argument for the EU.

The arguments for remaining in the EU are based on hollow rhetoric. Nothing the EU offers is anything we cannot have without political subordination. And so the case for remaining is a hoodwink. A pretence that we have a mountain to climb for little gain with much to lose.

I do not accept this as a line of argument. To commit ourselves to a deeply unpopular entity out of a jaded resignation would be a travesty. If we gain one thing and one thing only from leaving the EU it will be meaningful change. Even the process of change presents intrigue and opportunity and will be a wake up call, not only for the political class, but also for the people. The alternative is to coast and slide inexorably to a fate none of us particularly wanted.  

We are warned that if we leave it will require the biggest upheaval of Whitehall and Westminster since the war. I can't think of any better reason for leaving. But there is also another major concern here. A vote to remain means a transfer of power which is not on the ticket at all. And I don't mean more powers to Brussels. 

Should we vote to remain, we are giving tacit consent to a political class which has lied through its teeth from the beginning, using every branch of the establishment, every avenue of public life and every possible medium available. As odious as our politics is, once it is allowed to get away with what they have done throughout this campaign, including the exploitation of a murdered MP, there will be no limit to the abuse of power. The message that we send to them will be that they can do as they please, say as they like, and lie without consequence. 

We have already seen that there is no upper limit to their hubris. Part of the reason leaving the EU is a good deal more complex than it should be is down to the sordid way in which Gordon Brown ratified the Lisbon Treaty. I cannot think of a more unhealthy state to be in where our government need not even consider the wishes of the public. 

Without an interruption to their agenda they will carry on as before. They will get worse. Politics will remain as jaded, cynical and toxic as it has been for quite some time. More to the point there will be a political issue to resolve. An unresolved issue that will divide political parties and keep the system off balance. One which will prevent our political parties unifying and moving on. The question of our membership of the EU.

Over these last few months, we leavers have enhanced our understanding of the games in play. There are new ideas which are not going back in the box. We know where the system is weak and we will continue to erode consent. Our commitment will not waver or tire. For us there is no turning back. We came here to get Britain out of the EU. We will stay until the job is done. There is no moving past this, and nothing but victory will do.

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