Monday, 13 June 2016

This is not a matter for the youth

A sentiment I routinely hear on the matter of Brexit is "Let the youth decide. It is they who must live with consequences."

No. You see, the democracy we were born to was fought for and won with blood. It is not ours to give away. We are the custodians of it. And this is too important to be left to the youth, barely out of the state system, barely aware of what the EU is, how it functions or the devious tricks pulled on us to bring it about.

And when I think how dumb I was when I was twenty - and not much smarter five years later, I am inclined to trust in the wisdom of the elders. While they may not be the ones living with the consequences, we all have an obligation to ensure that which we pass on is something that will endure and sustain the peace.

Now look across the Channel and seriously ask yourselves if that political entity has the look of longevity about it. Look closely. Is that really the mess you want to hand to the next generation? No thank you.

Most civilisations over millenia have put their trust in the elders. Leaving it to 'the yoof' is typical of our shallow civilisation and cultural bankruptcy. It is a sentiment we should have the moral courage to resist.

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