Saturday, 18 June 2016

Brexit: a system wide exorcism

Liberal attitudes are not universal. Cultures become more enlightened as they become wealthier and better educated. If that is what you seek to achieve with your foreign policy then there is no imposing it or teaching it. You have to play midwife to it. In order to lift people out of poverty the focus must be on trade facilitation and infrastructure.

That is why the the separation of trade and aid policy is such an inept approach. It forces to ride two horses. It delegates trade to the EU while reducing our aid to virtue signalling humanitarianism which can be entirely destructive.

Behind the EU is the view that social liberalism and rights can be imposed. The Ukraine association agreement is proof of this. But then our own DfID is guilty of the same thoughtlessness. The women's only funfair in the middle of the Afghan desert is the product of this UN inspired humanitarianism.

It is why the present political order is antithetical to everything I believe in. Moreover, the view that democracy must be suspended in order to impose such an agenda goes against humanity itself. The denial of self-determination.

For this reason simply leaving the EU is entirely insufficient. It's a seriously good start but we need a serious purge of the professional politicians but also a form of McCarthyism when we re-staff Whitehall. The system needs and exorcism. Our establishment has given way to a soft left virtue signalling authoritarianism and it has infected our trade and aid policy. It is deeply in bed with NGOs like Oxfam which primarily exists for the purpose of consuming cash so far as I can make out.

And though it may seem harmless, it is the thoughtlessness of it which is ultimately so destructive. And this is a trait so that so typifies left wing thought. The detachment between intent and consequence. "We have a law protecting wildlife habitats". Therefore it is good law. "We have a law that that gives agency workers full employee rights". Therefore it is a good law. A form of robotic, yet strangely bovine thinking which lacks any capacity for self-awareness.

And as destructive as that is, we are now in a system where ministers are entirely without blame or accountability. So much as they may like to make sweeping changes, they can't. The rulebook from Brussels says so. And who is responsible for bad policy in the EU? Who knows! And who will be held to account? Nobody. And can we reform it? No. Worse still we might well suspect that the reason there has been no reform is because those in positions of influence don't see much wrong with it.

This is when adult thinking is excluded from the room entirely. And those who say that the EU is not the problem and that we need to focus on domestic reform to ensure that careerists with a head full of this authoritarianism never become MPs, it won't actually matter since they are still bound by the same constraints and equally powerless to innovate of change direction. The short of it is that nothing is going to change and nothing will be reformed if we stay in the EU.

We are not going to get root and branch reform of the Common Agricultural Policy while we have to secure agreement from member states and the vested interests therein. We are not going to reform energy policy while these vain and shallow people continue to sign us up to ever more absurd targets. Politically there is no way out unless we leave the EU.

And we know this for one reason. The remainers say so. We need to stay in to "prevent the tories from...", That's their whole case. They speak not of what the EU enables but what it prevents. And that is the inherent bankruptcy of the ideology. It is about restraining human potential through lack of basic trust. It is a whimsical and reckless approach and it is an abandonment of the principles of a free and democratic society.

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