Saturday, 11 June 2016

Nearly there

Whatever the outcome, both Richard North and I have done our bit. We have been active across every platform, be it blogs, Facebook or Twitter, and being night owls, between us, we have covered most hours in the day. While the bozos of Vote leave, each securing their futures and taking £99k salaries, have embarrassed and discredited out cause, we have added original ideas, credible research and creative writing that has inspired, educated and informed.

Because we very much go against the grain of classic euroscepticism, teaching unconventional ideas, we have been ignored and sidelined by many who don't want to wake up and smell the coffee. They would rather grunt from the comfort zone than apply themselves and moderate their behaviour with a view to winning. They prefer the soothsayers like Hannan, Redwood and Farage to the cold facts we promote. And those men have used their positions of influence to keep us on the bench. I rather suspect this will be the reason we will probably lose. Our regular readers and sympathisers will know the reasons why.

Some have accused us of working for the other side and have said that Flexcit is not Brexit. Some have said this out of incomprehension, others out of malevolence and malice. We have not been treated well by those we have attempted to serve. And there will be a reckoning over this when the result comes in.

Some may argue that is it our approach at fault. But you see, there isn't time to hold you by the hand and tell you things you want to hear. We have given you unvarnished truths because that is all we are capable of. Consequently, if you have taken issue with us then more likely it is down to your emotional immaturity. This is why you would rather listen to the soothing tones of the vacuous and two-faced Johnson over the political realities we have offered.

But unlike these charlatans, win or lose, there is much to do afterwards - and we will remain here doing what we have always done. But now, we are in need of your help.

We have shut down our lives for the last eighteen months. We have become monomaniacs and we have in our own way made a massive contribution to the debate. It has frayed friendships and cost us in many ways. Personally I have turned my back on many lucrative IT opportunities so that I can commit myself full time.

I have been supported by your donations and one individual outside of the North clan who has been generous and unwavering. I don't know if he wishes to be named so I won't, but he has my eternal gratitude. But this is now nearly over, and much of what you have given has gone into the production and promotion of the Flexcit film - which will outlive this referendum. Now we are exposed.

Interest in the subject will rapidly dry up by the end of this month. And so will donations. Richard North has exhausted his resources and I have precisely £58.03. That's it. We're done. And though I can return to to my day job it will take some time to find the right opportunity and I don't know how I will fund this shortfall.

I feel I have already asked about as much as I can for what we have done, and I have been humbled by your donations thus far, but we have no millionaire backers or campaign salaries. All we walk aways from this referendum with is our integrity and the clothes on our backs. And so, I am asking, for the last time, that you give whatever you can spare, because we need it more than any other outfit - and because I believe we have added value - and will continue to add value long after the part timers have moved on to something else.

You will see in the sidebar that we have a donations mechanism. They charge us a hefty commission. Therefore, if you wish to give, if you give via paypal to, the full sum will reach us.

Some will abuse what I have imparted to you as material with which to bully and taunt. They do not matter to us. After years of fighting the worst that both sides can present, we have developed a thick enough skin to ask this of you.

I am asking because Richard North will not. This is a man to whom euroscepticism owes a great deal and should we lose, the work we have produced will be central to the next opportunity we have to leave the evil empire. For that, I have faith that there must be some reward.

The criticism levelled at our own side has mainly been impassioned pleas for them to up their game. That we seem combative is because we have felt a sense of urgency and frustration. Our dedication though, has never wavered. We are grateful to those friends and supporters who have been with us for the whole journey, not least because they recognise our frustration - and in this, even some former adversaries have come round to our way of thinking.

They have discovered, as did I, that the knowledge we have unveiled is transformative on a national and personal level. For that reason we have made lasting friendships. With that in mind, I thank you all for the support you have shown to EUreferendum, myself and the rest of The Leave Alliance team, not least since we have suffered many betrayals on this path.

So on a final note, I humbly ask that you give what you can. We have given literally everything we can give and it will take us some time to recover. Your help is needed and appreciated.

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