Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Personal thanks

Tomorrow we go to the polls after what has been a very long and arduous campaign. For most this has been just a few months of tedium, but this blog gives you some indication as to how much discussion and preparatory work has been invested over the last year. Much to little avail. Consequently I fear there will be much more to say after the results come in. But for today, having stated my case to the point of exhaustion, there need only be words of thanks. To that end, some names stand out.

Lost Leonardo, Roland Smith, Ben Kelly, Sam Hooper, Paul Williams, Tony Sharp, Tony Edwards, Toby Goodman, Alan King, Paul Colman, Paul Reynolds, Alexander Talalakin, Bill Seddon, Rob Sanderson, John Kneeland, Eddie Coke, Fog on the Rhine, Jon Stanley, Adam Hamdy, Simon Barnett, Sandy Starr, Matt Sharples and all of my valued Facebook friends. I am sure through incompetence I have left out some major names for which I apologise.

I would also thank our late friends Peter Troy and Sandy Rham whose expertise and support have proved invaluable on the journey.

And there has been one individual behind the scenes throughout who has been chairman, advisor, secretary, organiser, emotional punchbag and general beast of burden. A genuine superhero. One whose diplomatic abilities and hard work we could not have done without. Niall Warry. A man of infinite patience, decency and good manners. It is he who has cleared the path of administrative obstacles and has been a true friend to us. 

Further to this, there is one individual whom I have always admired. A man of the utmost gravitas and integrity. I refer to Anthony Scholefield, backer of The Leave Alliance and the man who has made all of this possible. A real gentleman to whom I owe more than I can possibly say.  

I would like to make special mention also of Ben Kelly of The Sceptic Isle who has been ultra dedicated above and beyond the call of duty. He has lightened my workload considerably. He has my respect and thanks. He has shown impressive resourcefulness and has been a real asset to The Leave Alliance.

And then there is Roland "White Wednesday" Smith. A man who has contributed enormously. He has done exceptional work in establishing ideas inside the media bubble. He has done it with unfathomable social aptitude and dedication. We have had our disagreements but we have gone further with him than without. He has walked an unenviable path between the technical purity of Richard North and the bubble as we find it.

Then there is also you, the reader. Especially those of you who have contributed financially. I hope our collective efforts have adequately reflected your generosity. And finally to all I would say thank you for your good humour, dedication and friendship. 

That said, whichever way the result goes, our work is not yet done and so if you do feel inclined to hit the donate button, that will be most welcomed. We have some post-match analysis to do either way and there will be a huge task ahead of us whatever the result. Should we win, we must keep on the pressure to ensure our politicians do as instructed. Should we lose then we must rebuild. We came here to get us out of the EU and we will not rest until we do.

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