Thursday, 16 June 2016

No Mr Deacon, respect is earned.

Says Michael Deacon in the Telegraph:
"We don’t yet know the full details. We don’t yet know the motive. We have to resist leaping to conclusions. But I think we should be able to agree on the following.
Public discourse about politicians is becoming ugly. It’s one thing to be critical of a specific MP’s language, or their actions, or a party’s policies. But it’s quite another to wish a plague on all their houses, to snort that they’re “all the same”, that they’re “only in it for themselves”. I’m tired of hearing about “the elites” and “the establishment”, “the bubble” and “the political class”, nasty little phrases that dehumanise the individual, encourage brainless paranoia, poison us with suspicion – and provoke some to hate. We aren’t ruled by a cabal of the evil, greedy and callous. We’re served by human beings who make mistakes, and get no end of grief even when they don’t.
It's an admirable sentiment. On an individual basis, indeed they are but human. But they are judged on their behaviour and the outcomes of it.

Perhaps we aren’t ruled by a cabal of the evil, greedy and callous. But what we can say with some certitude that we are ruled by shallow, conniving liars who, when acting as one, behave in a manner so utterly bovine that it beggars belief. It is that which we call the establishment - the bubble, and the political class. They who are entirely impervious to new information, they who couldn't be more out of touch if they tried.  

And indeed we can say that in the final analysis, while the are not all the same, the outcome is nearly always the same. It is the very reason we are even having this referendum. These are the people who have allowed Cameron to lie to parliament about EU reforms and not a thing was said because it suited their agenda - with not a peep from the Labour benches because it was politically convenient to their tribal ends. 

This even in the face of the fact that forty per cent of Labour supporters will vote to leave the EU. A party lead by a man who has been a vocal opponent of the EU for the entirety of his career, a man they hold aloft as a man of principle, who in the final hour has a damascene conversion to the EU cause. 

These are the same people who schemed to prevent an EU referendum time and again and these same people who railroaded the Lisbon Treaty. These are the who voted to go to war in Iraq knowing the evidence was tainted and highly questionable and then the next day claim they were deceived. 

These are the same people who committed our forces to wrecking Libya without a further thought to what would come after. These are the people who have let our steel industry die when Spain's specialist production is still producing for the oil industry. These are the people who have collectively thrown away every single asset we have. 

These are the people who can put their fingers in the till and escape punishment. These are the people who live by different rules to you and I. Few leave the house of commons without owning two properties courtesy of the taxpayer. 

These are the people who would seek to sway a referendum by implying leavers are somehow complicit in the murder of an MP. These are the people who conspire to withhold expert evidence from select committees. These are also people who would, if they thought they could get away with it, overturn the result of this referendum if it doesn't go their way. These are the people who belittle the concerns of working people as racist. If there is an atmosphere of contempt in the air then they are the midwives to it. 

And isn't it so telling, that one of their number is murdered for what is immediately assumed to be political motives and nobody is in the least bit surprised? 

And Michael Deacon may pontificate if he so chooses, telling us plebs how we should view our rulers, but he himself belongs to a similarly closed loop. A media with only a passing familiarity with a world outside of the M25 and little interest in anything other than the tawdry gossip of the bubble. This referendum more than anything has exposed the profound ignorance of their creed.

And though we cannot reasonably expect they will get everything right, we could at least expect the decency and integrity to admit when they are wrong. But not so the Telegraph, known for its cowardice and theft. Not so the House of Commons either which will use its collective powers to betray the people whenever it so chooses. I couldn't give a tinker's damn if these are great guys and gals on evenings and weekends. If they want our respect, they must earn it. 

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