Saturday, 25 June 2016

We have established a beachhead but the fight goes on

What goes with the preening narcissism of contemporary left wing politics is the curse of identity politics. And that is what makes Brexit something of a conservative revolution. We have seen how those who voted remain do so because they "identify" as European and also as anti-racist. As asinine and shallow as that is, to condemn your country to a wholly antidemocratic alliance of globalist elites, it is the thoughtlessness that identity politics that is so utterly corrosive to everything it touches.

It is the self-reinforcing idea that those who conform to the orthodoxy are good therefore those who disagree, particularly those of a conservative persuasion are bad and have harmful ideas. It is that which accelerates a climate of further conformity where even the speaking of an unclean ideas becomes haram.

That is why the arts are predominantly left wing as it does not do one's career prospects any good to hold socially inconvenient views. And so we see a gradual strangulation of free speech and independent thought.

And since the only route into EU officialdom is to subscribe entirely to that set of politically correct value we have a system which is entirely remote from the ordinary public and one which holds ordinary people in contempt.

And that is why it was necessary to leave the EU, in order to deprive such people of their means to subvert democracy. That is why I have been somewhat critical over these last few years of climate sceptic bloggers and free speech crusaders in that they have been battling with the symptoms and not the cause. Brexit was always the primary concern as a a decapitation policy. It is through the NGOs and offices of the EU that they can impose their politics on the people without having to first win the argument.

And with that identity politics goes something far more corrosive. The idea that we should be browbeaten into believing what they believe by attacking language itself. Technocratic bureaucratese is the hellmouth of political correctness. It is through this that they attack societal norms, the conclusion and consequence of this is the sort of debate we see in the United States where even the concept of gender is spawning new branches.

The authoritarianism that goes with it imposes on us the idea that we should accept a person on they basis of how they define themselves, instead of how we perceive them. This has spawned a narcissistic culture whereby anybody who feels entitled to trample on your liberty may do so with impunity.

And look at the consequences of this corrosive idea. Young and confused people getting caught up in the identity trap, increasingly resorting to things like gender reassignment surgery - a massively invasive and dangerous procedure which statistically tends to lead to reversion treatment or suicide. Instead of teaching our young to accept and love who they are, we now teach them that they can define themselves as they choose and it is the responsibility of everyone else to uphold that delusion. Even to question it is viewed as bigoted and transphobic.

I am not without sympathy though. There are genuine cases which must be observed. I was recently quite appalled and the vicious criticism levelled at the American athlete turned female. I felt it uncalled for. Until I actually saw the television programme built up around him. This is not a person who has been born to the wrong body. This is simply a person who has elected to be something he is not and demands that everyone else bends to that.

And now he presumes to lecture us via the UN on gender identity issues which naturally makes him, in the eyes of the morally debased left "brave" and a "hero" when what we are seeing is pure narcissism. But from that we get further legislative acts designed not for the better functioning of society but as a cage your your mind.

And this is why, bolstered by Brexit, Donald Trump stands a very good chance of winning the presidency. You see the USA is in a far more advanced state of decay, but rooted in largely the same cultural phenomenon. America may on occasion elect broadly conservative politicians, but like the EU and the UK, the institutions are predominantly left wing where no discrimination or criticism of any kind is permitted - unless of course you're a conservative.

We have seen forty years of our institutions gradually falling prey to a pernicious and sick left wing ideology that has chased basic decency into hiding.

And so as much as we are seeing a political revolution in the UK we may also see one in the USA. Brexit is only the opening volley of a fightback across the west to reclaim our institutions and purge them of this cancer. That is why the left are in apoplexy throwing every pejorative they can at anyone who seeks to oppose them. And now they are scared because it doesn't work.

We do not pick leaders like Trump and Farage because we believe in the things they say. Don't be so naive. We pick them precisely because of who they offend, and in putting them at the forefront, it exposes how the left react which then reveals reveals their true contempt not for the decoy we present - but for the views of ordinary people.

And having so effectively exposed them, not least the Geldofs of this world, and the dismal functionaries such as Jo Cox who wormed their way into office by the back door, we can see these democracy dodging scumbags for what they are. And that is why we voted to leave the EU and that is why this war has only just begun. They will use every means at their disposal to keep us on the EU leash.

They will try as Cameron did, to present a new deal which they say is out of the EU but not actually out of the EU. And once again they will use every mechanism of state to commend it to us. They are not going to go with out a fight.

So while you may celebrate the referendum victory, we are not out of the danger zone yet. All we have done is establish a beachhead. We have not yet taken the power back and there is a long road to travel before we have. That is why those who campaigned to leave the EU must keep up the pressure. We must demand of them that Brexit does actually mean Brexit and that we will not tolerate any funny business. Nothing but democracy will do.

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