Sunday, 12 June 2016

What must they think of us?

Funded by charitable donations, lifeboat crews and lifeguards of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution have saved at least 140000 lives at sea since 1824 at a cost of more than 600 lives lost in service. The RNLI has 237 lifeboat stations and operates 444 lifeboats. Crews rescued on average 22 people a day in 2015. The Institution operates Flood Rescue Teams (FRT) nationally and internationally (iFRT), the latter prepared to travel to emergencies overseas at short notice.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) is a charity operating in England and Wales that promotes animal welfare. In 2012, the RSPCA investigated 150,833 cruelty complaints. It is the oldest and largest animal welfare organisation in the world and is one of the largest charities in the UK, with 1,667 employees (as of 2011). The organisation also does international outreach work across Europe, Africa and Asia. The charity's work has inspired the creation of similar groups in other jurisdictions the world over from New Zealand to Hong Kong and America. The RSPCA is funded primarily by voluntary donations.

The Campaign for Homosexual Equality (CHE) is one of the oldest gay rights organisations in the United Kingdom. It is a membership organisation which aims to promote legal and social equality for lesbians, gay men and bisexuals in England and Wales. CHE was one of the two main English gay rights organisations of the 1970s, along with the Gay Liberation Front (GLF). At its peak in the middle 1970s it was claiming 5,000 members and some 100 local groups. CHE's activities included pressing for law reforms, providing educational material for use in schools, and attempting to influence the provision of medical, psychiatric and social services. Discrimination is now illegal.

During World War One, women took on men’s jobs while the men were deployed in the armed forces. When they realised that they were expected to do exactly the same work as men but for lower wages, they raised the issue of equal pay through several strikes during this period. One of the early strikes for equal pay was in 1918 by women tram and bus conductors, which resulted in a settlement of a bonus in pay equal to that paid to men workers.

I can do this all day. Now listen to the Remain camp. A withering vision of Britain teetering on the edge of of moral and social decline where citizens rights can only exist through the continued subordination of its political institutions. A Britain where nothing gets done without coercion by the state. They see a Britain which only enjoys liberties because they are underpinned by a remote bureaucracy in a foreign land.

They have so little faith or trust in the people of Britain that they demand the tools of our democracy be constrained permanently. They believe that without the guiding hand of our benevolent masters in Brussels, we are only a general election away from becoming bigoted savages who maim animals, discriminate against women, persecute gays and let people drown in the sea. That's what they think of you. They do not like you, they do not trust you, they do not respect you and so they want to control you. That is why they want us to remain in the EU. I don't know about you, but I believe we are better than that - and that we deserve better than the EU.

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