Friday, 20 November 2015

A statement

There are more calls in my inbox for me not to attack my "own side".

Our side has to have a reasoned, rational case for leaving. It must also have a carefully considered strategy informed by the political realities. Neither of the Leave campaigns do. And that's not a neutral problem when their unplanned an uncoordinated activities are actually harmful. The more vague and ill considered nonsense they pump out, the more they undermine a rational case for leaving and make an intelligent strategy impossible to execute. They discredit us and fill up the airwaves with contradictions. 

This has to hammered out. If we are not our own worst critics then our arguments will not stand up when it goes to the wire. Those who demand I do not criticise would rather ignore it and stick their heads in the sand rather than confront something that needs to be addressed. 

Unless you are prepared to make a stand against these people then we are staying in the EU. I'd rather not have to do it, but what choice do I have? You opting out of criticising them means you are giving these two limited companies a green light to screw us over completely and bury the issue for the next generation. 

At least when we do lose I will be able to say I tried to prevent it. I will remind those who demanded my silence that they chose to do nothing.

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