Thursday, 19 November 2015

We're supposed to be polite about this?

So as if to prove my point, Leave.EU tweets the above this morning.

"In 2016, The European Commission will present a proposal on common minimum social rights to be applied in all member states" they shriek.

And that's bad because?

I can think of one or two reasons why we wouldn't want it, and if there was a link to the actual proposal we'd maybe find it was an ILO initiative where we could make our point that if we want it we'd have more of a voice in shaping it by engaging at the top table. But what do we get instead? An abstract point - an all singing, all dancing grunt about foreigners.

Of the two messages side by side, Leave.EU has effectively just pumped out an advert for the European Commission. Yet Andy Wigmore thinks that his campaign is reaching beyond the cul-de-sac of Kipper whinging.

As I say, this is continuity Ukip from a dangerously inept campaign. This I am supposed to be polite, reserved and measured about - or just not say anything at all. Sorry. Not gonna happen

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