Saturday, 7 November 2015

Their interest is not democracy...

As much as it's interesting to chart the disonesty of the opposition and the depths to which they will sink, it's almost as enlightening to see who's retweeting it. The retweeters tend to be people who either work for the EU, federalist think tanks or are shortlist MEP candidates. They do seem to be of a particular ilk. All of them somehow have political or journalistic careers pegged to our continued membership.

One goes as far as calling himself a "progrssive internationalist". And that's at the heart of their devotion to the EU. It suits their self image. To be pro-EU is merely virtue signalling. They genuinely believe that the EU is internationalism and that somehow democracy being overruled and nations subjugated is "progressive".

Sadly though, that vanity is something we will find in the wider public - thus it is our task to turn it round and educate the public what real intergovernmentalism looks like. Put simply, being told what to do is not "cooperation" and being structurally outnumbered is nothing even approaching democracy.

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