Thursday, 5 November 2015

We can win.

If you caught the thoroughly dishonest Pat McFadden piece in the Guardian and the piece in Euractiv today you'll see some pretty sophisticated verbal contortions and Orwellian inversions of our own rhetoric. Stuart Brown, responding in part to the global organisations arguments is also something to note. What it says is that our little Twitter team are doing more to set the agenda than any of the wafflers from the London bubble - and from the Euractiv piece we can quite clearly see that Arron Bank's outfit is just as much a menace as Vote Leave Ltd.

We're actually breaking through, forcing the apparatus to respond to our arguments only to have our supposed allies pulling the rug from under us. At this point, since all Leave.EU is going to do is churn out memes that will be thoughtlessly retweeted by kippers I would actually implore Arron Banks to pull out completely. His operation is of no help. They have been a problem from the start, they are getting worse and they are undermining the best efforts of people who do know what they are doing.  They are not in any way mindful of a strategy or the fact the opposition have seen Leavers coming a mile off. 

You might have noticed that in light of the pincer attack from Beavis and Butthead I've been somewhat despondent, but then there is no good reason to be if you help us out. In terms of hits, is not doing as well as I would like it to but on day one surpassed all expectations and has grown every day since. But of course it lives or dies on retweets which thus far I'm not really getting. 

Admittedly Twitter is a bit of a ghost town this week but retweeting adds to the footprint so it's a chore I need you to do regardless. The point is, our methods work and we are cutting through the noisemakers. We have maybe twenty active bloggers working in conjunction with each other, all of whom know full well the strategy we are pushing and it clearly has clout that the campaigns cannot even begin to match. 

That tells us we have a way in and we have a chance of winning the intellectual argument. Coordination and message discipline between a few switched on people is worth seven thousand people who have signed up to Leave.EU. And on that basis, I think if you get out there and help me recruit more people we have an outside chance of snatching this back from the idiots. 

Moreover, if we can mobilise a hundred people working to the same brief, we can demonstrate that we do in fact own the space and have an innovative approach that could well help the Referendum Planning Group win the lead designation. If the designation is awarded on the basis of competence alone then we ought to win by a country mile already. We reach ears the part timers do not. Demonstrably. The power of an idea travels further than Mr Banks's cash. 

At best we can win the designation, at worst we can be the fallback strategy. They can try to ignore us, but we can force them to notice. We have maintained for a long time that without winning the intellectual argument before it trickles down through the media we have no chance of winning. That was always Ukip's problem and the reason it failed to win MP's. The same dynamic applies here. It's an argument we can win. We have the tools, we have the knowhow, we have the winning arguments. It's proven, it works, and all we need is you and a few more good people like you. So really it's up to you to ask yourselves how badly you want to leave the EU. Whether we win or not depends entirely on you. With coordination and message discipline we CAN do this. Go to it.

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