Thursday, 19 November 2015

Continuity Ukip

Readers of my previous blog will recall that in the past I have used some robust and unequivocal words about Ukip. They have gone down in my estimations since. But then they have also gone down in the polls too. The party is a dead man walking and the last people to realise will be the members.

But no matter. It has been reborn. I have arrived at the conclusion that Leave.EU is not just similar to Ukip, it is in fact Ukip in all but name. It is running the same "policies" it has no strategy, despite them thinking they do, and at every level the ay lacking any talent. That they have Emmet Jenner as an events organiser tells you all you need to know. One of the Farage devotees. Grotesquely arrogant and stupid as they come.

They display the same profound and astonishing ignorance and the same pride in it. They revel in their own stupidity like it is a badge of honour. What makes them marginally worse is that while Ukip categorically was not going to listen, and made enemies of anyone who dared to try to help them up their game, Leave.EU pretends that it will listen and that upping their game is just around the corner.

They are con artists stringing everybody along when really they will spend the entire campaign grunting about foreigners, pushing unworkable Brexit policies and preaching only to the converted. Their message will be all over the shop with no regard to what is actually happening in the campaign with no real idea of who the opposition is or the game in play.

Their material will cover no new ground and they will head up that same populist cul de sac as Ukip and hit their head on that same glass ceiling. I have said it before but their brand is now so badly tainted that any makeover moving forward would have to be transformational and extensive. I have zero confidence that is going to happen. They would first have to admit there was a problem.

If asked as to who was the most malevolent influence Wigmore or Cummings, I would have a flip a coin. Wigmore is an untrustworthy, obsequious toad and Cummings by all accounts is worse.

Meanwhile, as points out, Arron Banks is wasting his money on his American consultant and Vote Leave Ltd is now quoting Matthew Goodwin as their source of political intelligence. Were this referendum not so deadly serious this would be hilarious. This has to be some kind of sick joke.

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