Thursday, 5 November 2015


This post is largely addressed to our LeaveHQ bloggers. One thing I don't want to do is be a transmit only campaign - and I definitely don't want to only be linking to the usual suspects. We want to promote all our new folks as they come on stream. I do have one small problem though...

I still don't have a definitive list of who's in and who's out - and I don't get chance to check them all every day. I retweet you all when I see you, and if I have missed you out at all, just poke me - it's not a deliberate snub. I'm building a website from scratch and pushing it hard on social media - as well as writing three posts a day (at least) and managing three Twitter accounts.

That means I don't actually get chance to read many blogs. So if you have written something worthwhile that you've put effort into and would like a boost from the main site, poke me and give me a quick synopsis. Also, guest posts are extremely welcomed.

Secondly, I don't have to remind you that presentation of your blogs is super important. Some of your blogs look a bit tatty. I'm all for keeping it authentic and I don't expect or demand flashy websites (who the hell cares?) but tidy sites with proper use of illustrations and paragraphs really adds to your credibility and the likelihood of increasing your readership.

You will note that this very blog has no fancy gizmos or gadgets. It's a standard template and all I've done is tweaked the very easy settings a little bit. It takes very little effort to at least keep it smart. We are about winning the confidence of open minded voters. If your blog looks like one of the green ink brigade then you might as well not bother.

I'm absolutely happy to take technical questions or questions on strategy. I won't always know but will keep it in mind for future blogs if something needs explaining. Just appreciate, I am also researching as I go, I am working flat out - and so if you can do me a favour here and there and make it easy for me, I'd really appreciate that. Keep me in the loop. Thanks.

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