Saturday, 21 November 2015

Right on cue

As though to demonstrate my point, here-above is one such example of what I will no doubt soon be getting a torrent of. Irrational, stupid and cowardly. Cowardly because they will make these hit and run assertions but never have the guts to elaborate even when challenged. This is a tame one but we will see them becoming more aggressive as we start to succeed in cutting through the noise they make.

Put simply, like the Ukip mentality, anything that challenges the group-think of lemming-like unity - and the doctrine that we must all get behind the same retreating and dismal messages of the main campaigns is haraam. If you're not one of them, you're the enemy.

These are the people who will push their bile upon us and the broader campaign and they will be relentless in doing so. I know because we've been here before.

For these people it is more about defending the eurosceptic orthodoxy than it is winning the referendum. That makes these people a liability. Moreover, they are dead weight that we do not need and not worth a nanosecond of our time. That said, when it becomes a coordinated effort, it will demonstrate better than I ever could that these people are the nasty ones - and if anyone has a case to answer - it isn't us.

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