Tuesday, 17 November 2015

What's in it for us?

Here we go. A nice little demonstration of what I bang on about all the time. The EU outsourcing and adopting regulations and conventions as part of its own treaties. Which means that if we are signatories and participants in bodies such as the ILO we can have access to trade deals that embody them by way of mutual recognition agreements.

And of course, if you want to get the best from these very agreements, then you don't want to be involved at the EU level - you need to be at those tables where the conventions and rules are written with your own voice and your own veto. This one tweet encapsulates perfectly the reason we should leave the EU. But that's not enough. That's just the technical reason we deploy to win the higher arguments. We've got a bigger problem...

By saying that we adopt the transitional Norway Model, very little changes for business, if anything at all in the short to medium term, and the changes mean very little to ordinary people. What we're offering with reassurance is no change for business - but that means no change for voters either. We need to comprehensively answer the next major question. Why bother?

In this it is our view that The Harrogate Agenda is the incentive at the end of the Brexit process. We are still in the process of hammering out the larger technical questions in order to win the intellectual argument, but we have to stir a particular mood also. As we say, the offer of weaker helicopter safety regulations, possibly a grand a year extra in their pockets and notionally fewer immigrants not going to cut it and will lose it for us anyway. At some point we will have to go large on the incentive and show that it's worth braving the rain to give our side a vote.

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