Sunday, 8 November 2015

The selective outrage of Europhiles

Arron Banks's moronic lot posted this pretty stupid tweet this morning. Using the war dead to push a political agenda is wrong. But oddly, that is the entire modus operandi of the EU. That is all it has ever done. It has used the war as an excuse to advance political integration.

And while the timing of the tweet is ill judged, the sentiment is in the right ball park. The EU seldom seeks consent to further its agenda with much of its intentions deliberately obscured from public view. The greatest deception of our time was the EU persuading the public it was a mere customs union.

I don't believe in ascribing motivations to the war dead. Every man fights for his own reasons, but if they were fighting for a free Europe, then it would be for a Europe of consenting and cooperating nations rather than nations subjugated by supranationalism. 

Even now the tensions within Europe are in part caused by governments unable to do as their people demand. Moreover, as much as our governments are unable - they are also unwilling. That is not what democracy looks like. Those europhiles expressing their faux outrage should pause and consider. Is their own conduct any different?

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