Sunday, 8 November 2015

The EU elites have never trusted us.

I am breaking my own rules here. In this campaign activists really do need to pick their battles. I could have ignored this and let it go but since I scratched on the point earlier today, I may as well explore it in full.

The crass appropriation of Remembrance Day by Andy Wigmore of Leave.EU is probably his dumbest move yet. But it should be noted that the EU has also inserted itself into remembrance in a big way. It has made an entire industry of it.

The EU Commission's (EACEA) Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency's raison d'etre is to insert the EU into our culture, not least by funding various activities in order to make them dependent on the EU - thus favourable to it. Not least Universities who have come out hard in favour of the EU. It works a treat.

In every strand of public life the EU has tentacles to advance its own narrative. The EU's founding narrative is that it has kept the peace and its ethos is that national sovereignty is the cause of war. That was Monnet's delusion on which the EU is founded. The entire output of the EU's education programmes are dedicated to inserting that political meme into public life. It is entirely a political device designed to manipulate public opinion and to consolidate EU power.

The "underlying strategic imperative" of the EU is to further weaken national sovereignty and it sees such activity as a legitimate means of progressing the agenda. This is a wholly bankrupt and offensive notion and it is done with our own money.

As offensive as Andy Wigmore may be as an individual, there is nothing more offensive than the notion that democracy and sovereignty should be suppressed for the accumulation supreme power. Nothing is more likely to cause conflict than nations deprived of the right to say no to their own government. Even though there is a lofty idealism behind the EU's activities, morally there is little difference in this to Wigmore's blunder - and the selective outrage of europhiles on this matter is every bit as crass.

Ultimately democracy is where the people are in charge. The supranationalism of the EU presupposes that the peoples of Europe are not to be trusted to govern themselves lest they go to war with one another. I cannot think of anything that goes further against what those wars were fought for. If it wasn't for democracy, what was it for?

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