Wednesday, 11 November 2015


I'm having to slow this blog down a little. Growing the LeaveHQ brand and building content for it is a full time job. It is doing well, having smashed the daily hit record every day since we started it but there is still much to be done.

I have to set out subject headings of the issues and write explainers for each. Though we have a wealth of knowledge in the database, much of it needs updating and focusing toward the campaign. I can do this but it's a maximum effort job and this blog is last on the list of priorities for the time being.

What I would like is some submissions. If you have already written a worthwhile explainer, for example why the EU doesn't keep the peace, that would save me a job. I have already posted Boiling Frog's excellent Article 50 post. We want a comprehensive bank of all the arguments but with our editorial twist. Everything has to be engineered for our specific message.

Meanwhile, the project lives or dies on retweets and Facebook shares. If you want to pitch in, you need to be building your own following and get writing and retweeting. It needs exposure if we are to stay the course and you are the only help we are going to get.

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